[critical] Splice

Clive and Elsa are superstars of the science : they have managed to combine the DNA of different animal species to obtain fantastic hybrids. They are in love with each other as much as their work and want to move on now to the next step : merge the animal DNA and human DNA. When the pharmaceutical company that funds them refuses to support them, Clive and Elsa decide to continue their experiments in secret. They create Dren, a creature of amazing that the rapid growth the fact becoming an adult in a few months. Then they redouble their efforts to preserve their secret, their scientific interest for Dren turns a little at a time attachment. Dren will eventually exceed the wildest dreams of the couple… and their worst nightmares.

Author’s Note


Release Date : June 30, 2010

Directed by Vincenzo Natali

Film French, canadian

With Sarah Polley, Adrien Brody, Delphine Chaneac

Duration : 1h47min

Original title : Splice

Trailer :

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Vincenzo Natali observes again the human being and, more specifically, that it has more dark in him. Previously the author of a Cube, there had been people who, instead of uniting, have preferred to take the power for their own survival. Splice is still exploring this particular facet of the human being, that is to say, his monstrous look. Two scientists give birth to a hybrid, Dren, which is a mixture of human DNA and animal DNA. This be, is it a monster ? The answer proposed by the director-en-scene is interesting, as the scientists seem much more “horrible” than Dren.

This aspect is dealt with by Splice using themes such as incest, parricide, etc, there is obviously an atmosphere œdipienne treated as well by Vincenzo Natali. This movie annoys and disturbs the viewer because the director does not hesitate to take the time to exhibit challenging scenes such as murder or rape. Finally, the presence of a hybrid is only a pretext to denounce what is most horrible in the human being.

Splice is therefore to the viewer strong emotions : it is not fear, this is not a horror film as we can assume, but rather to take a look, without censorship, on the darkness of the human soul. Vincenzo Natali explains that the interest of the Splice is maintained by ” humans [who] are transformed into monsters while their creature is relatively innocent. […] They are more intelligent than wise, and although they are able to juggle with the various components of existence, they do not understand the deeper meaning of life. “

Splice does not neglect the less the aesthetic aspect of the film : it is hard not to notice the beauty of some plans that make some moments of real pictures film. A perfect film ? Not exactly, sometimes the film seems to drag on a little too much on some sequences, but we pardonnerons this detail since Splice brand in the mind of the viewer to the point of him leaving a strange bitter taste…

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