[Critical] – Storm of Meatballs Giant


a Great Lego Adventure has been the great surprise of 2014 in the field of film animation. Their directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the duo who have known each other since college and that was formed on the filming of the series to the era in which they were actors, before laying in the cinema this amazing adaptation of a juicy license of toys as well as bring the series 21 Jump Street on the big screen (in a very personal interpretation a priori) have made their arms together and behind the camera on a feature-length animated film with the suggestive title : Storm of Meatballs Giant.

The basic principle, from a book for children “It’s raining hamburgers” by Judi and Ron Barrett, is a simple, but ad the frenzy of the film : a young inventor wacky ill of recognition creates for the good of his city, a machine that converts water into food ! The filmmakers have chosen to focus on a few characters in this imaginary city to let their unbridled imagination express : those of the cop leaping the father of the family, taciturn, passing by the mayor pushy, are extremely well-typed and colourful, worn by a casting US the first choice with including Neil Patrick Harris as Lord and Miller met as co-executive producers on How I Met Your Mother , or Andy Samberg that they will witness the launch of the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

”Cute and crazy surprised that this Storm of Meatballs, Giant !”

And speaking of colorful, this is one of the main visual qualities of the film. Even if nearly 6 years later, we have now already seen better technical level : the animation is fluid especially for characters as leaping, but also for the realism of falling food (even if there is although it’s realistic here), the colors are bright without being garish, and the visual atmosphere are neat, very “cartoon” compared to most feature films of the genre now.

First real public success of Sony Pictures, the figure of tom Thumb in the face of Disney-Pixar and Dreamworks, Storm of Meatballs Giant also pays for the luxury of playing with cinematic references very B-series as well as to reverse completely the operation of the “love interest” of the hero (a little, Shrek) preferring the embellishment of a young girl in the physical under-estimated, a pseudo “enlaidissement” for the benefit of the intellect. The film denounces more obvious the company of (over)consumption, with the excess that will cause the invention of the hero Flint.

Pretty and delirious surprise that this Storm of Meatballs Giant ! Behind this title already fun, we have a universe full of fun and without the complex, where children and parents will find their account.

Original title : Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Achievement : Phil Lord, Christopher Miller

Screenplay : Phil Lord, Christopher Miller

Main actors : Bill Hader / Damien Ferrette (voice-VO/VF), Anna Faris / Ariane Aggiage (voice-VO/VF), Neil Patrick Harris / Stanislas Forlani (voice-VO/VF), Bruce Campbell / Bruno Magne (voice-VO/VF), Andy Samberg / Charles Pestel (voice-VO/VF)…

Country of origin : United States

Released : October 21, 2009

Duration : 1h30mn

Distributor : Sony Pictures

Synopsis : Flint Lockwood is an inventor. So far, all his inventions-weird, since the shoes that we sprayed on the feet up to the translator of thoughts for monkey, have been failures spectacular, which have caused countless problems in his small town, Swallow in the Castle. This time, Flint is determined to invent something that will make people happy. However, his new creation, the machine that turns water into food is going to him a few surprises.

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