[critical] Street Fighter

In South-East Asia, general Bison threatens the world of world war if we did not give $ 20 billion, in exchange for the lives of 63 members of the nations allied that he has taken hostage.

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Release Date : April 12, 1994

Directed by Steven E. De Souza

Film american

With Jean-Claude Van Damme, Raul Julia, Ming-Na Wen

Duration : 1h40min

Trailer :

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Beyond the oceans and the deserts in the last movie, Street Fighter : The Legend Of Chun-Li is copiously slaughtered by hordes of critics disappointed to find themselves still in front of an adaptation lame in a fighting game. This is the good moment for us to reflect a little on the first film from the legendary series of fighting game 2D.

Both say right away, this film is zero. What all the world knows it ? Yes, the poster does not deceive us about the goods and the film itself drags a reputation of nanar spectacular for a long time. But looking a little more closely, I must admit that there is at least a little intriguing. Before we begin in the arenas, make a brief visit to Hong Kong to discuss Future Cops. Under this ridiculous name, hides the first adaptation of Street Fighter. This film was released a year before the Vandammerie, had its share of explosions, lasers, and son Goku… Despite its quality ras down to earth, he could boast of having the star Andy Lau to play the big villain M. Bison.

General M. Bison ! The main attraction of the film, Steven E. de Souza ! The scenario revolves around the struggle between this mégaloman colonel Guile. This provides an initial freedom from the game that featured the rivalry between Ryu and Ken. These two enemy brothers have a role that is rather minor in the movie and spend strangely most of the time to capture (and then fight in their new prison). In the list of characters, we find Chun-Li journalist/ninja/dancer in four different costumes (!), Honda, Balrog, Charlie/Blanka and Dhalsim in indian science. Yes, Dhalsim as a scientist. Besides, it is transformed by an extraordinary ease of the scenario in a kind of wise old sage at the end of the film. Why ? Nobody knows. Camille appears at the side of Guile in the face of the singer australian Kylie Minogue, by chance we don’t hear it much. The opposing camp has within its ranks a Sagat in a drug lord, Vega and the duo of Zangief, Dee jay minion of General Bison.

So it is that the two main : Guile and Bison. The first is played by Jean-Claude Van Damme and his high kick. Difficult to spread on the subject, the belgian brawls and made great speeches jokes during the hour and a half. His sworn enemy, much more charismatic, however, is played by Raul Julia. Accustomed to the role shakespeare the actor puerto rican little known is from the theatre. Hey ! But why him ? It is as if Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper played in a movie Super Mario Bros ! In short, thanks to him, the general Buffalo becomes a nasty cool and ridiculous at the same time, multiple replicas cults. Moreover, it has attributes that are out of the ordinary. His apartments, his paintings of himself, his robe, his dollars-buffalo, joypad, its Tuesday, make the character even more cool. One comes to wonder if this is not intentionally kitsch to fill the void storyline.

How can there be a scenario empty with so many characters ? In view of the fate of Dhalsim and 3 lines of dialogues of Vega, the purpose of the exercise was surely to gather the greatest possible number of characters in the game. Mission successful then ! And it is the only one in this film. Nevertheless, its nullity and its kitsch (or wanted ?) the movie became more or less cult. Not have no fear, this movie is perfect for an evening among friends with may be the key to a debate on the best Bison in the cinema, who knows ?

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