[critical] Super

A man decides to become a superhero after seeing his wife succumb to the charms of a drug dealer. But he has no super-powers…

Author’s Note


Release Date : 30 November 2011 (DVD)

Directed by James Gunn

Film american

With Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon

Duration : 1h36min

Original title : Super

Trailer :

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Kick-Ass has opened the way for a new kind of super-hero, it is not surprising to see it happen on the small or big screen films that are very similar. The first to have attempted the bet was Defendor, drama, interesting take on an retarded mind played by Woody Harrelson once again divine, and here’s another film about the same subject points its muzzle in our shelves on DVD and Blu-ray : Super.

The pitch is simplistic and does not bring anything new : a looser (and yes, the 21st century will be the century of loosers and nothing else !) sees his wife go with a known criminal and decides to embark on a vendetta personal to retrieve it. Of course, being totally novice in the matter and who does not have the bank account of Bruce Wayne is armed with a wrench and wearing a costume ridiculous that our dear Don Quixote of modern times will be the hand by smashing the skull of dealers, pedophiles or those who have the misfortune of doubling in a queue. Nothing very surprising, therefore, even if the staging is sufficiently inventive and rhythmically not to disappoint and make us go into a deep boredom.

No, the main asset of the Super lies in its casting, which provides a second degree succulent at all. Rainn Wilson, that one could discover in the series Six Feet Under, is perfect in the role of the brother in law, receiving god-like manner the force necessary to accomplish his quest, Ellen Page once again confirms his penchant for roles hysterical and off-beat, actors such as Kevin Bacon and Liv Tyler that we weren’t expecting necessarily here go smoothly.

Completely barge, often funny, quirky and sprinkled with moments of violence, sometimes glaucous, Super is a very good surprise that is a pleasure to embark the viewer into an entertainment, simple but really efficient.

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