It is easy to spit on this category of movies is comedy popular : Dany Boon uses a more time means huge to lay a movie all in all means, the success of which the public will be difficult to explain to a critical point of view.

Because this cinema is not made to impress public opinion by his ambition as a revolutionary. Here, psychological profile, social and political portrait, realistic representation of the daily life by the Image or self-satisfaction cultural, these values dear to the cinema of the French author are reduced to their expression is a minimum : it is in the vulgar, the commercial.

No. It is ONLY to please the viewer, to cause the brutalisation emotional. Dehumanising in the sense that any reflection is placed for the benefit of the entertainment. And the goal is reached. Quite inconsistent, but real. It is thus beyond any criticism, respect the film for what it is.

Dany Boon cleared of a pitch all that there is more to Walt Disney (by the test to overcome his fears, to stay oneself, altruism before self-interest) a scenario springs unlikely seeking to provoke emotion through the accumulation of good feelings supported by a staging of telefilm and music larmoyante quite unbearable… But also, a pace that is humorous trèèèès high.

Laughter prevails, therefore, on the tears. Because Boon uses this as an excuse to propose yet another variation of his one-man show of 20 years ago : the adventures of a type a bit silly and neurotic. If it already works well, the touch of humour added comes from characters whose repartee sharpened is a counterpoint solid without being too subtle with the visual gags and sound-as-usual Dany Boon (Kad Merad for example, sober and very funny).

“Supercondriaque is a popular comedy successful.”

Also, entertainer-of-mass, it was necessary to show a sample of our company in 2014 in the accumulation of situations, characters and character clichés. Despite all, the social criticism seems to be more opportunistic than justified and the whole works only with the infectious energy of each actor, and the focus on the comic energy at the expense of all credibility story.

Important detail : the common place quite shocking to see racist, regarding undocumented immigrants, turns out to be a plot in its own right which, though uninteresting, and unnecessarily long, which denotes by its excesses the desire not to be teased for free. A quality applicable to the whole of the film, and rare enough in the blockbuster French to be emphasized.

In the end, SUPERCONDRIAQUE is a popular comedy. Understood, that he addresses himself to the mass – of which I am a part of, and therefore cannot be judged on its qualities as a film but the amount of applause.


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