[critical] Superstar

A man finds himself suddenly and unwittingly in the spotlight of the television. He is ” the man who didn’t want to be famous “, and arises very quickly two questions distressing and critical : “Why ?” and ” How to get out ? “. Will he find the answers ?

Author’s Note


Release Date : August 29, 2012

Directed by Xavier Giannoli

Film French

With Kad Merad, Cécile de France, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing

Duration : 1h52min

Original title : Superstar

Trailer :

This feature film takes on one of the stories of the last Woody Allen film, To Rome With Love, Roberto Benigni becoming famous without knowing why. Unlike the latter who takes advantage of his fame, Martin Kasinski (Kad Merad) is sinking into depression. The interrogative pronoun ” Why ” became his motto, he will seek to understand the reasons for his fame, and sudden, leaves to increase his notoriety through television shows. The media will have to adapt and speak of the unknown imposed by the public. First of all, worshipped by the latter, it quickly becomes the man to knock down.

A regular in the role of a man tortured, Kad Merad wins over, even if some scenes seem to surjouées. Cécile de France plays also in a registry that it knows perfectly, that of the good friend affectionate and sensitive. No surprise in the registry of their character, they fulfil their part of the contract.

Passages and lines that deserve to be retained, an interesting theme, but too developed, or even pushed to the extreme.

Just like the Woody Allen film, the initial idea is interesting and one sees the madness of the fans and paparazzi who insist to make the life of Martin Kasinski unbearable. While the american film evokes this story in a scene, Xavier Giannoli, in fact, the main theme of his film. The subject is drawn in length in Superstar, and one wonders how the film will get to meet the famous ” Why ? “. He gives a few explanations are incomplete and some of the lines are relevant, but the end is disappointing and some of the passages to be unrealistic.

Scenes are at the limit of the ridiculous and the picture is sometimes laughable people ” banal “, a word which will create a huge controversy. Of offbeat characters make their appearance to try to help this poor man out of the celebrity. A few shots are juxtaposed to make Martin Kasinski endearing and suffering.

In summary, passages and lines that deserve to be retained, an interesting theme, but too developed, or even pushed to the extreme.

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