With T2 TRAINSPOTTING, Danny Boyle takes a look sincere, and touching on the decision to age the characters iconic, but also of a generation, and perhaps of himself.

It is always difficult to begin in the continuation of a cult film without being overwhelmed. How not to fall in the repetition, the too full of winks to the first film or the loss of identity ? Especially when twenty years separate the two projects. Completed in 1996, Trainspotting, an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Irvine Welsh, has quickly become a film generational and marked by the youth of scotland that he portrayed. The generation of the 1990s, which, undergoing the economic crisis was going to forget her daily in the evenings and in addiction, to drugs or to alcohol. Under the direction of filmmaker Danny Boyle, who was his second film after Small murders between friends, and first big success, Trainspotting will have marked the collective unconscious of by his energy, his cinematic style, and especially its characters, deeply human and authentic. But if this first episode offered a certain sense of hope (at least for one of the characters), T2 TRAINSPOTTING , which focuses more on the nostalgia of the past. John Hodge (screenwriter) and Danny Boyle, deciding wisely to move away (in part) of the following literary Welsh, Porn, to build a film that is in the lineage of its predecessor, as still as delusional, but who works independently with new subjects.

So we had left Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor) in 1996, starting with 15000 books that he and his friends Spud (Ewen Bremner), Simon (Jonny Lee Miller) and Begbie (Robert Carlyle) had obtained from the sale of heroin. 20 years later, Mark returns home, in Scotland. Well, things have changed, at the airport of Edinburgh to young czechs in mini skirts that make the tourism. Look ancient now to Mark who, from the first scene is caught up by his age (and experience), falling-literally-in full gym in Holland. Back in the house of his father, his mother is gone, the room of his childhood seems very small now, and the old vinyl in Lust for Life of Iggy Pop, which is still dragging on, appears to be an old demon to him. Soon enough Danny Boyle questioned the decision to age his characters in the midst of a crisis of the quarantine ; and Simon, who continues to dye hair blond to make illusion in front of the girl he is dating, Begbie who can no longer bend and thought, finally, his responsibility as a father, and Spud quickly out of breath from running around with a Mark on the hills of Edinburgh.

But at bottom, we cannot help but see a part of Danny Boyle himself, as T2 TRAINSPOTTING sometimes seems to echo the life of the director – as Mark and Simon, it was long scrambled with Ewan McGregor. Boyle observes as well with a lot of melancholy an old friendship, put at evil by the betrayal of Mark. Two men who will be remembering the memories of children, of the first football matches, the first syringe shared together through the blows of the blood of Begbie. In this complex relationship, full of anger and resentment, and Danny Boyle’s touch and seems the most sincere. Telling us that time has passed, that the impetuosity and recklessness gave way to a sad reality.

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Beyond questions of its characters (and of a generation as a whole), demoralized by the new world that has continued to move forward without them, Q2 TRAINSPOTTING found the style of the first game while detaching. If the voice ofEwan McGregor is no longer present (which makes sense), Boyle reaches back to produce a form of dynamism. By the image (the effect of dizziness, decor grungy, editing rhythm, atmosphere so-so scottish…) as by the sound – the Shotgun Mouthwash of High Contrast placed the start of the film so explosive. A soundtrack to new well think about it, a long time turned toward the past (with Blondie or The Clash), before opening to modernity in the final moments (with the young band, Wolf Alice, and then a remix of Lust for Life by The Prodigy).

Although we might regret the turn a bit long events – a history of closed house that are trying to open the acolytes, that is more office-filling – T2 TRAINSPOTTING remains efficient and under control, marked by some plans that will remain in memory, and carried by its great cast of original in full. Often funny, even hilarious in his situation the more crazy (such as the reunion of Mark and Begbie in the toilets of a nightclub), he manages above all to reproduce an attachment to the characters that we’ve never really left. Thus, Danny Boyle will not have to go to an opportunist with this suite. Making it always personal, and in resonance with what precedes it.

Stone Siclier

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Original title : T2 Trainspotting

Achievement : Danny Boyle

Screenplay : John Hodge

Main actors : Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, Ewen Bremner

Release Date : 1 march 2017

Duration : 1h 57min

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