SPEAKS WITH HER falls in line with the previous All About My Mother : the film is once again, the sum of the best of his cinema.

Let’s start with the technique, since it is entirely at the service of emotion.

The film is, again, a match between the mise-en-scene, image, music, script, directing actors :

the narrative interweaves the fates of the various protagonists – the script doesn’t hesitate to blow up the action, in space and time. Flashbacks, strong resonances emotional on this, the ellipses hiding feelings and decisive events… the meaning of The writing of Almodóvar takes the time to brush of the characters highly empathetic, and then installs the melodrama at the center of their crossed destinies. A scenario as usual, tortuous, cunning and successful.

Regarding the achievement, Almodóvar films a story of Men… not as in “Law Of Desire, finally very classic in spite of his point of view exclusively male – not. He filmed the Men who love Women.

One might therefore expect a staging of the body, to sex, especially that it is a male perspective on two gorgeous women – one his body, the other, by his charisma… And no !

TALK to IT captures, first, the sensitivity, well beyond any representation of the sensuality !

An evolution, this filmmaker used to the scenes of provocative, voyeuristic fun. All About My Mother was that turn sensitive, to SPEAK WITH HER beyond a new milestone in the representation of the sensitivity by the image, and the mise-en-scene.

Between the important scenes, Almodóvar films the important intervention of the art of the culture, the emotions of the characters ; how their actions are influenced by the strength of a work. A mise en abîme extra that adds to the character of visceral of the film : are we not, we, too, are affected by this film ? What would we be able to do, for love ?

Finally, the performers (male, since TALKING WITH SHE is, once again, a true story of snowmen) are MADE. Javier Cámara and Dario Grandinetti, without the composition bombastic we immerse themselves in the history of their characters.

In regard to the nature of the film, SPEAKS WITH HER can be seen as a self-citation smart : a mirror to the obsessions and themes with a fetish filmmaker, as well as a renewal in the offset.

The most obvious : Almodóvar tells a story of Men and not of Women. They, like the men of Women on the Edge of hysterics or The Flower of my Secret, are ubiquitous but paradoxically absent. They are nothing more than bodies, presences ; their emotions are shown, but the upstream or downstream side of the story, like headlights, channeling the feelings for men. A reversal exciting, the result of which, VERY surprising, is that the sensitivity takes precedence over sensuality !

”Delicacy and sensitivity are being added to the provocation and to the extent scripted – not to mention the culmination of formal… All this in the service of emotion. Bravo.”

TALKING WITH HER is a reflection-sensitive of All About My Mother : how far is one able to go, for the love of…

Almodóvar built two magnificent male characters with which the viewer carries out a real transfer. Their feelings are ours, because their perception of women they like is remarkably transcribed…

The delicacy, for example, with which Almodóvar films Benigno taking care of Alicia… Her way of capturing the emotion in the tears of Marco, the behavior is paradoxically minimalist and monolithic… not to mention their friendship strong regardless of their differences of character. Almodóvar, quite perversely, generates empathy very strong towards these characters, so as to prevent any judgment on their actions. The great strength of the film is, therefore, to bring in the narration of the events morally reprehensible… presented through a logical, emotional and relentless a natural destabilizing, and so perfectly disturbing and provocative. Almodóvar manipulates with intelligence in order to provoke an ambivalent feeling, but very powerful. The grand cinema !

in TALKING WITH HER, delicacy, and sensitivity combine to provocation, to the extent scripted and to a successful formal… Almodóvar, director of the perverse makes us spectators, accomplices of a hold-up emotional and moral, and achieves a true “melodrama of cinema” capable of shoving the viewer…

In short, a new masterpiece.


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Original title : Hable con ella

Production : Pedro Almodóvar

Screenplay : Pedro Almodóvar

Main actors : Javier Cámara, Dario Grandinetti, Rosario Flores

Country of origin : Spain, France

Released : April 10, 2002

Duration : 1h52min

Distributor : Pathé Distribution

Synopsis : Benigno, a young nurse, and Marco, a writer of forty years, make their way, each on his side, a show of Pina Bausch, Cafe Müller. They are sitting one next to the other. The piece is so moving that Marco breaks into tears. Seeing the tears of his neighbor, Benigno would like him to share his emotion, but he does not dare.

A few months later, the two men find themselves in other circumstances, at the clinic El Bosque, where works Benigno. Lydia, the girlfriend of Marco, bullfighter a professional, is diving into a deep coma after an accident during a bullfight. Benigno, meanwhile, is at the bedside of Alicia, a young dancer also in a coma.

When Marco passes next to the house of Alicia, Benigno, without hesitation, went to him. This is the beginning of a great friendship somewhat hectic.

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