[critical] Tamara Drewe

With her nose redone, her legs endless, her job in the tabloids, his aspirations to fame, and its easy to break hearts, Tamara Drewe is the Amazon london in the Twenty-first century.

His return to the village where lived his mother, is a shock to the small community that thrives there in peace.

Men and women, bohemians and rural, best-selling author, academic, frustrated rock star dead or sons of the country, all of which are attracted to Tamara, whose beauty firebug and the ramblings of romantic awakening of dark passions and will cause a series of circumstances as absurd as poignant.

Author’s Note


Release Date : July 14, 2010

Directed by Stephen Frears

Film british

With Gemma Arterton, Roger Allam, Tamsin Greig, Bill Camp, Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper

Duration : 1h49

Original title : Tamara Drewe

Trailer :

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Tamara Drewe is the process of adapting a graphic novel of the same name, written and drawn by Posy Simmonds. The realization of this little piece of originality oscillates between loyalty and decision freedom on the original work, but was able to extract the kind and the atmosphere.

The result is a film that is offset, always colored with a dark humor. The scenario will be surprised by its mixture of good feelings and cruelty without flaw. It is also this paradox that makes us laugh : in a setting idyllic, and bucolic with wish, we have witnessed a series of disasters and cowardice human. The key to English being many, we are surprised to return in the film, and it adheres immediately to his universe.

However, the scenario has some lengths, and we’re sometimes a little boredom. But at the last moment, the story catches up with us, veers into the fantastic, and finally speeds up. It is a relief to get out of the vagaries of lovers of the young woman (not really new), to find the sides more torturous and sadistic inhabitants of the small English village.

As well, a bit lightly, this film addresses the issues of the couple, fidelity, teens, and even more in the background, those in the process of creation. But once the mixture prepared in the deep English countryside, it explodes to all sides, and we enjoy.

That one is not mistaken there, the main protagonist of Tamara Drewe is not Tamara Drewe itself. Of course, most of the plots arise from it, but it fails to remain in the foreground. In fact, the film essentially rests on the shoulders of the secondary characters. We regret the fact that they are not entitled to more attention, as they are high in colors.

Thus, Tamsin Greig is remarkably touching and funny in the role of Beth Boldly, a woman so dedicated that wrong. Face it, we laugh willingly, chicken, a little looser, embodied in Bill Camp (Glen). Such small phenomena can only emerge from the unique universe of a graphic novel, but their passage on the big screen is particularly successful.

So, it is Tamara who, despite his charm and wit, attracts less attention. And that’s a shame, because Gemma Arterton confirms here his talents as an actor, and we promise a great career.

The best moments remain those closest to the work chart. Some of the scenes, a little apart, plunges us into the protagonists, the image of these COMICS bubbles that reveal the thoughts of the characters : it is on these occasions where the humor is apparent with the addition of a mordant, and we will have a lot of fun. Other times, the screen is divided as a frame of a comic strip, giving a particular rhythm. This gives a film to the original aesthetic but assumed, that works very well.

Unfortunately, the lengths we sometimes lose, and Tamara Drewe does not make us forget its weaknesses. It is still the case that the trip to Stonefield (the residence for writers) is guaranteed.

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