After a third aspect of the most mixed, Terminator>, concept of worship, and revolutionary of the 80’s, is back for new adventures.

Suffice to say that this fourth installment was expected at the turn by many fans.

In the heart of the war between humans and humanoid, Terminator salvation starts on the hats of wheel with scenes more spectacular than the others, a firework of special effects phantasmagorical we are ushering in epic scenes worthy of the greatest productions and by the time slightly think The blackhawk down or Saving private Ryan.

Added to this is the staging just right, very clean, from director McG (Charlie’s angels Ladies, Charlie’s Angels), who does everything to put on the eyes of the spectators. Bet widely successful since its aggressive pursuit never let fall to the pressure and plunges us into a hectic pace that we taped to our chairs for us release at the last second.

This infectious energy will fill all of the amateur Action Movie the devastating.

Side actors, Christian Bale (Batman: The Dark Knight, 3h10 To Yuma,Public Enemies), safe value of action cinema in recent years, takes over with gusto the role of the famous resistant of the human race, John Connor, previously played by Edward Furlong.

But the real revelation of Terminator salvation is none other than Sam Worthington (soon to be on the poster’sAvatar from James Cameron and the Clash Of the Titans, no less !) that stings the spotlight from Christian Bale (he is also two times more present at the screen as the latter) despite the first few minutes disastrous at the level of interpretation, but which makes up over minutes to play its role to the full, without deduction of any kind.

Note also the apparitions refreshing and melancholic with Helena Bonham Carter (Fight Club, Big Fish, Sweeney Todd) and Michael Ironside (Total Recall, Starship Troopers).

At first glance, this new Terminator offers us all the reasons to rejoice and just erase the mistake that was Terminator 3. With this new episode, the viewer came to restore his adrenaline meter monthly will widely for its money.

However, with a little hindsight, one has the impression that McG has tried to do too much. A huge amount of enemies (spaceships, humanoids, motorcycles, giants…), whereas in the first sections only the ships and the humanoids were present and were sufficient during the Flash Forward.

This was in addition to the superimposed stutter in the image of the use of a doll blatant substitution of one of the characters (alarming because we think we’re straight back in an old film ofEd Wood), and the multiplication of scenes, stereotypical and annoying : so, it is still saddening to see that it is very easy to dézinguer of the robot at all goes, but it is oddly very difficult to target just a human with 4 meters of distance, or that a man with so little to endure the piercing of his body by a pike of steel planted by a Terminator supposed to be referred to the vital organs of the human body.

Too many want to make of it, the director pushes his film in a entertainment simplistic and minimalist which does not bring anything concrete to the old components.

The movie has more charm, soul, or even the personality of the saga and looks more like a video game in the Call Of Duty (the scene of the helicopter is the observation that the more visible) than a true Terminator worthy of the name.

In conclusion, Terminator salvation is a film full of good intentions, a show “pop-corn” very entertaining and really rather good in a genre that is constantly revisited if one forgets only that he is a Terminator. There is the paradox of the film.

Wesley Bodin

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