[critical] The Arnacoeur

Your daughter goes out with a dirty type ?

Your sister is stuck in a relationship that is passionate destructive ?

Today, there is a radical solution, it is called Alex.

His job : breaker professional couple.

His method : seduction.

Its mission : to transform any boyfriend in e.g.

But Alex has ethics, he does that to couples in which the woman is unhappy.

So why accept to break a couple breakout of rich thirty-something who’s getting married in a week ?

Author’s Note


Release Date : march 17, 2010

Directed by Pascal Chaumeil

Film French

With Romain Duris, Vanessa Paradis, Julie Ferrier, François Damiens

Duration : 1h45min

Trailer :

The Arnacoeur is a bit of a film-a surprise, a film that was not included in the program and yet who made you spend a nice time. Not that you were gone in a trip, “I’m going to sleep for 1 hour and 45 minutes” but we all know that by the time the movies can be really silly and empty. Here, this is not the case.

We like to look at a Romain Duris completely metamorphosed in a role that was built for him. It wasn’t expected in such a character, and yet, here we are pleasantly surprised by what it gives.

This story of breaker couples is a good concept, that could very well fall into arms too faiblards, but who comes out with the laurels and honors.

A French comedy, certainly, but a French comedy that makes you smile and laugh, and it becomes as rare as falling on one point of water in the Sahara desert. In sum, The Arnacoeur we offer a very good time good laugh and once again, the surprise is total. We do not expect such a miscellany of gags, well-crafted and well-mounted. It simply takes the game and we let it go in her wheelchair. One benefits just, while forgetting the rest.

The film could be cut into two parts : a frankly funny with the couple François Damiens / Julie Ferrier, the other a little more “serious” with a duo of actors, unexpected, Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis. Laurent Zeitoun, one of the 3 writers, who also wrote Lend Me Your Hand”, has once again risen to the challenge not to fall into the lump and the marshmallow.

The duo Romain Duris / Vanessa Paradis works well, despite a certain advantage to the actor concerning its interpretation, which is that everything revolves around him. It is said that it can do everything, play everything, without ever losing the thread of its job : distract. The supporting roles are Julie Ferrier and François Damiens are very good also. The casting in general breathe the fresh air, no dead time, no hitch, nothing that disturbs the proper course of action.

This is the best of the sumptuous landscapes of Monaco and the surrounding area. When we know that the interior scenes were made on the capital, it sends a puff of warm air every time you get out of the buildings.

We would have liked it even more gags, more of these small gestures that we use as Romain Duris , but that would be too greedy and too applicant. The actor appeared as an evidence at the seen of the film, and we are surprised not to wonder who would have been able to replace it. The film dives sometimes – voluntarily – in the glamorous and the absurd, and this adds oil in the fire.

The director, Pascal Chaumeil – accustomed to the series (Lawyers And Associated Gears, Do Not They Do Not Ca) has been perfectly understood for his first feature film that the audience wanted in terms of entertainment and comedy, he proves to us with The Arnacoeur that the comédie française is not so half-hearted that it and it’s been fun.

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