[critical] the AVENGERS : AGE Of ULTRON

This is it, the blockbuster ultra-anticipated AVENGERS: AGE Of ULTRON is here !

Our super-heroes get together again, the humor and the sensitivity Whedon are present (and awesome), there’s always this alternation between scenes of quiet and/or intimate with the big fighting/explosions/mass destruction… Always enjoyable. In fact, everything is more or less like in Avengers 1 – this is the limit of the film.

If we observe well all the other films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one always notices a change in achievement between the first and the second component. The exception is Iron Man , for which Jon Favreau has keep stacking, committing the same errors as in the first film. A good storyteller, not necessarily a knack for staging the action, but to which, however, means increased tenfold to do it.

Exactly the problem of this the AVENGERS 2.

Resume Joss Whedon at the helm, one would imagine, it was a huge success thanks to a formula that works. The first Avengers, it was 1.5 billion $ of revenue even when.

But artistically, the AVENGERS 2 sounds too much like its predecessor. It has the same qualities (already mentioned), but also the same defects :

– His pace yoyo can entertain as much as to be bored by a contrast that is too strong – even though, personally, I really like his treatment of the intimate.

– The legibility of its action scenes leaves a little to be desired, off-plans-sequences orgasmic.

– The most notable of these remains these approximations to plot ;

It’s clear that Whedon has written his film as a series of 10, how to correctly merge the personal challenges and the big show… Normal, it’s his thing. This is the guy from Firefly , what.

But on screen, this is a draft. A few sleight-of-hand are that the whole is understandable, but too often, the decisions and actions of major will be summarized in a sentence


– Like: there is a villain out of nowhere ! come, we are going to break down.

– Like: I’m barely born I am already the Evil absolute.

– Like: I am Vision.

– Like: I’m going to lift a pebble and let it drop.

– Like: I don’t know how I solved my problem but I figured out how to adjust your…


Some great characters and above all the consequences of their actions and powers seem under-developed, or rather… Sloppy. The shade is huge, because you can feel the potential, but the result is not shown. What fucking damage.

For example:


Scarlett Witch, a character absolutely insane (and then cause of all this mess in fact) causes a setting mental image of the fears of the characters, what motivates people to commit acts of irreparable (as Ultron) to make up for their mistakes/phobias. OK. Awesome. Whedon shows us brilliantly with this manipulation with reverse psychology !

However, the resolutions of inner conflicts of our supers are NOT made explicit. It really is a shame, because there was a potential to push the intimate at an emotional level rarely reached in a blockbuster like the Avengers.

In the end, the big + compared to the Avengers: it’s Ultron (James Spader).

A fucking nasty ultra-charismatic, ultra-funny, as much a philosopher as a cynic, and a lot less theatrical than Loki, and, paradoxically, even more ultra-dramatic. Again, its psychological development is clearly truncated, skipping key steps and minimising the impact of its actions, causing a certain lack of credibility.

“This second installment of the Avengers is the film Big Mac : huge and enjoyable on the blow, once digested, quickly forgotten.”

After yes, it rocks, it’s funny and stylish. We are in for his money.

But, perhaps, have it take a developer less scénaristiquement ambitious to sum up this Avengers to entertainment that is solid and efficient, and not to a saga mad but charcutée to get this film a Big Mac – a enormous fun at the time, but once digested, already forgotten.

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Original title : The Avengers : Age Of Ultron

Achievement : Joss Whedon

Screenplay : Joss Whedon

Main actors : Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, James Spader, Elizabeth Olsen

Country of origin : U. S. A.

Released : April 29, 2015

Distributor : The Walt Disney Company France

Synopsis : The Avengers battle the big bad Ultron.

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