The Little Mole is a series of Polish created by Zdenek Miler. It follows the adventures of a cute little mole that discovers a little more of the world in each episode. All right, it looks a bit like a trick of uzbekistan, but in fact it is found in all corners of the world : it pays not mine but it is in fact “a classic animation for kids”.

That one is not mistaken there. If The Little Mole is actually visible from the age of two, the speech that she delivers to him, is not only intergenerational, but also timeless : Zdenek Miler uses of this character simple and curious in order to explain the impact of humans on nature. A topic, of course, still relevant, even if contrary to human 70’s, we have in 2016, with a consciousness more and increased our impact on the environment. It is precisely this notion that Zdenek Miler proposes to instill in children, and therefore, the respect for nature. Each episode is the scene of incidents polluters within a rural environment, or even forest… these are ultimately still localized, comparable to one or more individuals, identifiable. Zdenek Miler shows us frontally damage, points the finger at the guilty, and then, without transition, allows our little mole to have fun with these elements out of context :

The waste or in the event that the polluter will in general be a catalyst for adventure and fun, and assimilated more or less well by an environment irreversibly changed by his arrival. A way to soften the frontal initial, while remaining aggressive enough to leave an imprint subliminal.

To boost these assumptions, high-grade environmentally friendly, Zdenek Miler strives to create situations all the more improbable and brilliant as each other. Between burlesque, poetry, curiosity… We are still amazed at its ability to create emotions from elements of plot reduced to the (one episode = 5min).

The draw is simplistic, clean and soft helps a lot to absorb, without difficulty, the message ultimately simplistic, Small-taupe. Its musical score and the sound effects used are defined by the same adjectives. Above all, their sweetness supports very well the visions to repetition, which, believe me, is more significant.

“the Small Mole, it’s like a Miyazaki western for toddlers”

Still, if a child has seen in the inventiveness deployed by Zdenek Miler to be an inexhaustible source of entertainment, another will be a sub-text, an indictment rather bitter against the propensity of some Men to spoil the precious good that is nature.

A speech quite close to that of Miyazaki in many of his films.

Zdenek Miler is one of those authors misunderstood, whose work is still exciting. His cartoons are the tour-de-force for the little ones, while delivering a message more consistent, and memorable regardless of the age of the viewer. The small Mole , but also The Desert (The author emphasizes the musical aspect and in removing the environmental load) are to discover absolutely to your children, to inculcate in softness, an awareness of our influence on nature.

THE SMALL MOLE, from 2 years old.


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