Horror cinema there are still superstars ? This is a real question since the beginning of the year 2010 where the exciting momentum that started over 10 years ago is struggling to extend. Where are Eli Roth, Alexandre Aja, Neil Marshall, Jaume Balagueró, Greg Maclean ? Most have become too rare or are lost in projects that are uneven. We would like to quote Rob Zombie as the last pillar of the genre, but although his films are a crazy energy and an ambition that is far too rare, it is followed only by a small fringe of enthusiasts a bit of a connoisseur in the matter. There remains, therefore, that James Wan. The director, 39 years old, appeared with Saw in 2004 and has managed to persist in being the origin of two new franchises : the Conjuring and Insidious. If you can’t cheer for the renewal that it brings, it confers on him an know-how which allows the kind of offer from time to time a large-displacement fearsome efficiency. CONJURING 2 : THE CASE for ENFIELD back on the big screen the couple Warren for a new case drawn from real facts. If Enfield is one of the stories of poltergeist ‘s most famous and strangely, never the movie had captured these events to try to make us shiver.

Has the image of its director, the film begins in a thundering immersing ourselves in a scene of spiritualism where the swirling directed by James Wan grab your attention. Plans décadrés, spirits multiple, intermingling of the real and the spirit world, game of mirror, sound design, scary, and all elements to compose a successful. A first stage that is fully compliant to the film, adding ingredients formal. James Wan will stop at nothing to advance his film, as if he had a fear of falling in a routine visual. It is undeniable that CONJURING 2 : THE CASE of ENFIELD we are incredibly excited by this wealth is artificial because it never ceases to make us see a situation through a different (an examination playing only on blur, the use of shadows, a scene in the first person, detailed camera movements in moments of daily life). It is necessary also to recognize the ease with which James Wan knows how to use the out-of-field to up the tension or cause of the anxiety. We already knew from previous films and his recipe works sempiternellement. Even if the mechanisms of a horror film are known to the public, it was difficult not to get caught by the science of Wan, failing to innovate, knows how to sublimate the genre which it invests.

“In the Face of weak competition, this second component is needed by default as the top of the list for 2016.”

This too is double-edged, the film is great in its best moments of jitters but also too uneven over time. The 2h13 disturb the rhythm of the whole, while the first part part of very beautiful way. The fault of a screenplay that wanders around, takes his time where it is not necessary and gets lost sometimes in the discourse of which the film did not need (the speech of Warren on the love overflowing of good feeling unwelcome). Difficult to find in the middle of a plot that wants to play complex, incorporating several spirits in the narrative, but which cannot assume until the end, delivering a final sum all awkwardly shipped. Frustrated, we remain on our hunger to use sloppy of Valak (the Nun), alas too rarely exploited to the height of its potential horror, preferring to annihilate it during a climax to the intensity questionable.

CONJURING 2 : THE CASE of ENFIELD loses its appeal as soon as it comes out of the scenes of terror. Yet, we get happy. Given the low competition, this second component is needed by default as the top of the basket of 2016. James Wan still manages to be deceived by his mastery but not sure if the recipe continues eternally to operate. Especially if he pulls on the rope in which to continue its two franchises horrific (theConjuring and Insidious) without inputs innovative or personality. Let’s go back to the original question : the cinema of horror there are still superstars ? The lack of glitz-general of the genre in recent times allows the developer to origins malaysian to assume this role, as with the tree that hides the forest. Fortunately, he is here, now at arm’s length and without actual claims, the kind on a drip. But for how long ?

Maxime Bedini

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