[critical] The Dark Knight Rises

Eight years have passed since Batman disappeared into the night, passing at this moment the status of hero to that of a fugitive. Taking the responsibility for the death of Harvey Dent, the Dark Knight has sacrificed everything for the better, at least he hoped as much as the Commissioner Gordon to his sides. For a moment, the lie had the desired effect, the crime of Gotham folding under the weight of the Unit anti-crime Dent. But the arrival of a feline and cunning, cambrioleuse the mysterious design plays with the established order. Much more dangerous is the emergence of Bane, a terrorist hidden the ruthless project for Gotham push Bruce out of exile, self-imposed. But it resumes cape and mask, Batman might not be an opponent to the size of Bane…

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Release Date : July 25, 2012

Directed by Christopher Nolan

Film american

With Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman

Duration : 2h45min

Original title : The Dark Knight Rises

Trailer :

If the movie comes out with a story quite unhappy with the shooting in Aurora and that some media will not fail to make amalgam bothersome between the pop-culture and deviance of an individual, The Dark Knight Rises remains a movie-event, concluding a trilogy to success worn by Christian Bale in the title role, but also by a successful director in the person of Christopher Nolan. After two album with undeniable qualities, the promise of an end to the expectations of the spectator was necessarily, and it is clear that the latter is held, and very elegant please !

Even if he has less presence than the Joker interpreted by Heath Ledger in the previous installment, the villain of this third installment, Bane, played by a Tom Hardy a powerful but little recognizable in the film (with the exception of a single scene where it is not hidden), establishes a real threat that gives body to the screenplay by Jonathan and Christopher Nolan : violent, machiavellian, inhabited, manipulator, he is an opponent to the height of the Black Knight, who, a contrario, is already proving to be shattered by the events of The Dark Knight. The other additions to the cast are not irrelevant no more : Anne Hathaway comes to add a touch of sexy in a trilogy, enough men up here, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a presence to the screen that would dwarf almost Christian Bale, as the character of the cop serves as our guide throughout the film. For the case of Marion Cotillard, I was thinking about the reasons of a certain retribution of its critics, but his last scene in the film is so ridiculous that I share the opinion that it is the weak point of The Dark Knight Rises.

We regret it may also be that Michael Caine (Alfred) fades quickly of the radar during the movie as his character of mentor british was pleasant throughout the trilogy but he had to leave the voice to the newcomers to make them exist in a single feature film. Fortunately, Gary Oldman, has kept an important role in commissioner Gordon strong, in spite of the torture, end the lie the end of the previous film. His role in the scenario, as well as the police in general in the film, a look which is actually quite positive about the function of this institution after having a little scratched in the previous opus (corruption, civil service, etc.).

After two album with undeniable qualities, the promise of an end to the expectations of the spectator was necessarily, and it is clear that the latter is held, and very elegant please !

The Dark Knight Rises unfolds its plot a little in the way of the last opus : chronologically, calmly, alternating between each character, and leaving little place to the appearances of the Batman. A few lengths exist, as well as some inconsistencies (in the treatment of the temporality of the liberation of the police in particular), but overall the story is effective, even if probably a little agreed to the readers of the comics. Side achievement, Christopher Nolan rest in the realism is very “polar” of the trilogy but better managing the use of the gadgets of the hero, including new vehicles in the film (regardless of the driver, the bike is simply amazing). The fights are less drafts than before, but their realistic appearance “in the raw” makes them sometimes a little cheap : it takes nothing away from the abuse of others-especially in the first fight Bane/Batman.

I’ll try to say a small word on the end of the movie (no spoiler). If the final treatment of the villains of The Dark Knight Rises is perhaps a little too quickly shipped in the report of their presence throughout the film, the conclusion of the trilogy is without a doubt the best that the writer-director Nolan has been able to find. He is at once symbolic, sad and positive at the same time, and especially with very beautiful images that pay tribute to each of the main characters of the film, the last scenes of the trilogy of Christopher Nolan are smart and summed up in a few minutes all the qualities of a saga at once respectful of the original material, fanboys and movie buffs.

The Dark Knight Rises is not a perfect film, it is just a blockbuster story : the same scenario simple (nice against nasty at the end) is very well written and lays the foundation for other thoughts, the characters are on the whole effectively interpreted, and the fulfilment provides quality images. It does not merit an Oscar in itself, but of the applause in the end of the session for an entertainment excellently executed without any doubt.

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