He had conquered France (and the world) with THE FABULOUS DESTINY Of AMÉLIE POULAIN. It had confirmed his talent as a virtuoso of the camera, story teller and his commercial potential with A LONG SUNDAY OF ENGAGEMENT. And then he had drunk all over the world with the mi’kmaq TO lag larigot. Too much repeat the same formula, he had finally unmask : too much style Jeunet (image, yellow diy, parisianisme, general atmosphere good child…) kills the style Jeunet. Taken hand in the bag, the person concerned has admitted that he would change the style, leave Paris, and would adapt a novel instead of writing always the same stories.

After having lost two years on life OF PI, which failed ultimately in the hands of Ang Lee, here he is again with a film Canada Dry : it sets american, an american story, an american accent, but it is canadian. Jeunet has in fact produced his film mostly in France before finding associates in Canada to be able to anchor his film in the north american territory while avoiding the ogres of Hollywood that would have chewed his final cut. He had paid for learning-by-doing ALIEN – THE RESURRECTION there are more than fifteen years.

Jeunet, so virtuoso that he is, freezes the film postcard and a sharing of the limits : it is pretty, but it was not the emotion of the true.

Ray casting is the inseparable companion of Dominique Pinon in the role of a hobo more true-to-life, so that we may believe that it really has been found in a train, if we had not already seen a thousand times elsewhere. As for the “young prodigies”, it has the immense merit to be sober, to be cinégénique and not be Freddie Highmore (the dog savant essential some time ago when he was a kid of 10 years, ARTHUR AND THE MINIMOYS in CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE factory). He is ably assisted by his inventions, a trait he shares with his filmmaker (self-portrait, are you there?), which we literally jump in the mouth with that 3D “pop-up” to rival the pub Haribo, which was unfortunately often the most exciting time of the projections 3D in the cinema, until recently (see this film and especially GRAVITY in the same month should make you change your mind).

If Dupontel more of Jeunet becoming less trash to broaden its audience, by multiplying anecdotes and visual by making a picture more yellow (it is obvious in the first few minutes of the 9-MONTH FARM), Jeunet would do well to duponteliser also. By this I mean put a little more “wickedness”, of dialogues that you can hear in real life. Because the system Jeunet, so virtuoso that he is, freezes the film postcard and a sharing of the limits: it is pretty, but it was not the emotion of the true.



T. S. Spivet lives on a ranch isolated in Montana with his parents, his sister Gracie and his brother Layton. Little boy gifted and passionate about science, he has invented the perpetual motion machine, which earned him the highly prestigious Baird of the Smithsonian Museum of Washington. Without saying anything to his family, he went, alone, to seek his reward and crosses the United States on a freight train. But no one there imagines that the lucky winner has only ten years and that he carries a heavy secret…

Original title : The Young and Prodigious T. S. Spivet

Achievement : Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Scenario : Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Guillaume Laurant, based on the work of Reif Larsen

Main actors : Helena Bonham Carter, Judy Davis, Callum Keith Rennie

Country of origin : France, USA

Output : October 16, 2013

Duration : 1: 45

Distributor : Gaumont Distribution


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