Thestory : the trials and tribulations in love of a Leo, queen of the novel with rose water and can’t fulfill the contract with his publisher.

As in high Heels, the beginning of the film indicates that it is necessary to be wary of appearances. But this message, this time, is not for the viewer but for the characters in the film. Almodóvar, this time, we do not include in the process of the film – let me explain : the brilliant introduction is the only time Almodóvar writer has fun with the viewer. E taking the limit of the aut(eur)ism, Almodóvar centre literally his film around a female character, Leo, and his disappointments in love/professionals. The director will also limit any playfulness, putting his obsessions aside, and gives the trappings of classic film. In it, he approaches a lot of Women on the Edge of hysterics. But Almodóvar also borrows other elements from his own works, compose THE FLOWER OF MY SECRET, and give him this look total and comprehensive which makes it one of the best films of its films, while preventing them from finding completely his own personality.

Women on the Edge of hysterics was this structure that story into a funnel that has multiple elements before you assemble them into a single track. This linearity reassuring. He draws also in the first part of Home to Me ! this auscultation of the back-of-the-art décor. Here, it is the middle of the edition, the literary world.

Because THE FLOWER OF MY SECRET explores all the little arrangements that Leo does with his feelings, as those she made with her publishers. A world that is exciting, especially served by the talent of writer’s writing and characters usual for Almodóvar.

As several scenes are made to impress. The interactions between Leo and the editor-in-chief of’ El Pais are especially tasty – each uses its culture to attract the other ; the literary references and film are unending, and transform these scenes into lesson dialogues intelligent – brilliant. It also retains the intro scene in which we leave you the surprise, but shining by the dialogue as by the interpretation. The family scenes and the scenes with Paco, are also very special in their own way to appeal to the memories of the protagonists to feed the emotion of the moment violent and nostalgic. Finally, the cynicism with which Almodóvar connects Leo to reality is fascinating. Can’t we see Leo (his side professional) as a dual of the director… Well, it becomes fun to observe Leo spit on his own work, his works considered consensus-based and accessible because ordered (we, one immediately thinks of high Heels) The same Leo who claims his best work as that which sticks the closest to the reality Madrilene (Here one remembers the great Women on the edge of a nervous Crisis , and That is what I have done to deserve this ?)

Leo, a character sum of many women Almodóvariennes, both as a teenager, immature, serious, professional, révêuse, amorous, fragile. One of the characters in the most comprehensive created by the author, at the close some, or empathy strong that we attach to the film.

”a work of serious and coherent, where the mise en scene completely fits the subject. An excellent film, failing to be memorable.”

To keep the attention around this character, Almodóvar has found the actress : Marisa Paredes. The director offers him a role fleshed femme mure professionally but a teenager emotionally. A strong woman who has always struggled to make the right decisions, but is brave enough to take them on. The actress returned in the same way that Carmen Maura in Pepi Luci Bom…, or Victoria Abril in Tie Me up !, in the universe of the director.

This certainly comes from the sobriety with which is discussed in the history, second asset of the film. A simplicity which goes with the particular game, but very classic Marisa Paredes. This sparseness also prevents the viewer from getting lost on wrong tracks. The film takes therefore the trappings are realistic, as That is what I have done to Deserve This ? and offers a degree of linearity early enough for us to embark on permanently.

This sobriety is also body with the subject : though made with care, Almodóvar never seeks originality. The only effect of style regarding the use of mirrors and all sorts of reflections. Their appearance indicate the distance that we should have on this character is fragile as is Leo. They encourage us to not judge, when his emotions take precedence over pragmatism.

In short, after the semi-failure of high Heels, which we regret the association of a pop style that is unsuited to the thriller and the melodrama,Almodóvar seems to have learned the lesson. THE FLOWER OF MY SECRET is a film that is serious and consistent, in which the mise en scene completely fits the subject. The film succeeds where high Heels fails : we hang A to Z to a scenario, a story, of the characters. The emotion that results may not be the most intense. However, at the end of the session, we cannot but be satisfied of witnessing an excellent film, failing to be memorable.

Pedro Almodóvar : Price Light 2014

Pepi, Luci, Bom and other girls in the neighborhood of Pedro Almodóvar (Pepi, Luci, Bom y otras chicas del montón, 1980, 1h18)

That is what I have done to deserve this ? Pedro Almodóvar (¿ Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto !!, 1984, 1h47)

Matador by Pedro Almodóvar (1986, 1: 45)

The Law of desire by Pedro Almodóvar (La ley del deseo, 1987, 1h44)

Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown by Pedro Almodóvar (Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios, 1988, 1: 35:)

Home-me ! Pedro Almodóvar (Átame !, 1989, 1h41)

High heels by Pedro Almodóvar (Tacones lejanos, 1991, 1h53)

THE FLOWER OF MY SECRET by Pedro Almodóvar (La flor de mi secreto, 1995, 1h42)

In the Flesh by Pedro Almodóvar (Carne trémula, 1997, 1h39)

All about my mother by Pedro Almodóvar (Todo sobre mi madre, 1999, 1: 40)

Talk to her by Pedro Almodóvar (Hable con ella, 2002, 1h52)

Volver by Pedro Almodóvar (2006, 2h02)

La piel habito that of Pedro Almodóvar (2011, 2h01)

Almodóvar Producer : Before-first

New wild from Damián Szifrón (Relatos salvajes, 2014, 2h02)

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Original title : La flor de mi secreto

Production : Pedro Almodóvar

Screenplay : Pedro Almodóvar

Main actors : Marisa Paredes, Juan Echanove, Carme Elias

Country of origin : France, Spain

Released : September 27, 1995

Duration : 1h42min

Synopsis :the trials and tribulations in love of a Leo, queen of the novel with rose water and can’t fulfill the contract with his publisher

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