[CRITICAL] the future BEGINS

The ambitious goal of the future BEGINS has been clearly announced : to bring joy and emotions to the viewer. The safe value of the film is, of course, Omar Sy. As for CHOCOLATE for Roschdy Zem, he has been on the project since the beginning. It has validated the scenario and the choice of the filmmaker, Hugo Gélin, who signs his second feature film after another As brothers and sisters. The film is very much inspired Or taken back or exchanged (Instructions not included) released in 2013 and directed by Eugenio Derbez. Hugo Gélin has preferred to give as a title for the tribute to the movie the phrase that he often told his grand-mother, the actress Danièle Delorme.

Then, objective reached ? We saw many spectators view the output of TOMORROW BEGINS a big smile and eyes full of tears. It pulse well from the generic genre cartoon with a jazzy. It is a little more circumspect on the film, which turns out to be a true jewel offered to Omar Sy (Samuel). The personality of the actor, which we know she is the favorite of the French, seems to have so inspired his character, that it is never Samuel that we see, but always Omar. And even if it leaves a good feeling, the problem is that it does not interpret a role, but the phagocyte. We had not had that feeling with Intouchables , or with Samba. Filmed all the angles and expressions, face, profile, back, near, far; there was her smile, her eyes, her laugh, her tears or her joy.

And the least we can say is that the film is chock full of ideas to highlight Omar Sy. One of the good ideas, it is to give the opportunity to the viewer to discover the world of film shoots for action films, because Samuel became a stuntman. So, we learn a lot about the achievement of the tricks. Another good idea is to show a lapse in the life of Gloria (Gloria Colston, terrific in her first role) and offer beautiful scenes, poignant or funny.

”Despite the scenario not credible for two pennies, TOMORROW it ALL STARTS and plays well enough with the yo-yo with the heart of the viewer and makes him pass a feel good moment.”

But there are also ideas redundant and pretty boring in the long run. Despite eight years spent in London, Samuel still does not understand the English language, which gives rise to comical situations of repetition. He needs his daughter as a translator, and it is for this reason that she is missing school.Then was assistant to Samuel a playmate mirror, Bernie. Saviour Samuel, a sort of Jiminy Cricket and surrogate mom, he was a producer of films, gay, and flirty. His game revolves mainly around these three characteristics. Antoine Bertrand (perfect in the role), known in Canada for his role in Starbuck, has recently been crossed in The small Tenant.

Watch TOMORROW it ALL STARTS, it’s like having 8 years and eat chamallow in pajamas, with a blanket on the knees… The film dripping with good feelings and we can only be in empathy with this great child who will become a young father, caring and full of goodwill. The film insists on the heartstrings of the viewer and deals with the issues of paternity, filiation and transmission, fears of children, and maternity. Samuel was not always a father is responsible but it has made their life a vast amusement park, all in joy and laughter, to compensate for the absence of the mother is failing. But as it is a comedy, drama, family, we’re not trying to bang on the head of an ugly mom who has a baby blues and is a party without giving news for so long ! Especially as Samuel is a wonderful father who makes believe to her daughter Gloria that his mom wrote to him every day while he himself sends news of Gloria to his mother.

Then everything is put into question by the return of the mom Kristin (Clémence Poesy, in a role dull, but at least she speaks English). Well that all truths are not good to say, mom makes amends (morally, that is), and dad made efforts (morally, too, it is beautiful). You can not escape the twists and turns of child custody, the court, the spouse not very benevolent, and the tears that accompany them. There are also a few storyline twists, with a bias end, that you can’t reveal without a spoiler, which load the boat emotional so useless… even the sinks! But come on, one does not make the fine mouth: in spite of a scenario is not credible for two pennies, TOMORROW it ALL STARTS and plays well enough with the yo-yo with the heart of the viewer and makes him finally get a feel good moment !


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