[critical] the Good, the bad and the Crazy

30 years in Manchuria. The Loony steals a treasure map to a high dignitary of japan. The Brute, a hitman known, is paid to retrieve this card. The Good wants to find the holder of the card and pocketing the premium. Only one will succeed in its purpose if it succeeds in annihilating the japanese army, the thugs, chinese gangsters Korean… and his two opponents.

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Release Date : December 17, 2008

Directed by Kim Jee-Woon

Film Korean

With Song Kang-Ho, Lee Byung-Hun, Jung Woo-Sung

Duration : 2h08min

Trailer :

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For the past few years, Korean cinema is more and more about him. It is present in all the festivals and receiving major awards (Grand Prix du Jury for Old Boy to the Cannes film Festival in 2004, awarded by Quentin Tarantino). Conversely, and since Shiri in 1999, it allows to compete with the big productions of the all-powerful machine of hollywood. The land of the morning calm does not stop there, since its developers to resume and often mix genres for a result that rarely leaves indifferent. After being coupled to the horror movie with the 2 Sisters and the polar cold and stylish in A Bittersweet Life, Kim Ji-Woon will attack the movies of the cowboy with the Good, the bad and the Crazy.

The last time a western was out of the cartons of the asian industry it was through Takashi Miike to the command with a guest star in gold Quentin Tarantino and a weird name : Sukiyaki Western Django. These two western share this desire to honor one gender hardly represented on their continent, and clearly, the same inspirations Leonienne. However, the comparison stops there as the budget and the target public are digging the gap between the two films.

The film by Kim Ji-Woon focuses on the action decerebrate and alternates skillfully humour and shootings muscled. When it does not mix the two. You never get bored ever in this rodeo in Manchuria. If its action scenes are in general readable, in particular the great epic race (and equine !) in the desert, this is less the case for the shooting in the market. The mounting is übernerveux recalling the last frescoes of the amnesiac Bourne. This does fortunately not have beautiful frames even in phases of bournerie intense.

The synopsis makes clear, the story gets more complicated all alone on the thread of the film without that there is a meaning. The characters arrive out of nowhere and kill each other without really knowing why. In the middle stand out, of course, the three main protagonists.

The good Park Do-Won, played by Jung Woo-Sung is the least charismatic of the trio. Bounty hunter, he wants to the other two and dessoude round-arm henchmen, and a japanese army in pretty cascades. That is all. Lee Byung-Hun, most known, gives its traits to the bad Park Chang-i. like a Brad Pitt, this angel face do not hesitate to égratiner his image in films such as A Bittersweet Life from the same director where he played a killer cold or Everybodies Has a Secret where he was having sex with the three sisters of one family. Here, he continues with a mercenary, ruthless, not hesitating to sacrifice his own men to achieve his purpose. Finally the crazy Yoon Tae-Goo played by Song Kang-Ho as can be found in practically all the Korean movies that are exported (The Host, Memories Of Murder, Secret Sunshine, Join Security Area, etc.). A real pillar of the comical aspect of the film, he returned to marvel in the costume of the crazy and give it to their heart’s delight.

The Good, the bad and the Crazy entertained so sudden explosions, comic situations more than he does reflect on the political situation of Korea, or other. Supported by a soundtrack full of guitar hispanic including Don t Let Me Be Misunderstood that we have already heard in Kill Bill (Tarantino, him again ?), the movie lets you see and review.

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