Eight years after The Social Network, a true fruit of the desire for more sensitive to write, that is the anti-thesis of the Wolf of Wall Street ?

THE GRAND GAME sign the first transition behind the camera-writer’s oscar-winning Aaron Sorkin. A test-promising, fruitful and, above all, which proves, once again, that the man with the golden pen is a true ace of the dialogues.

Please, do not see the movie as a Wolf of Wall Street in the feminine , “begins Aaron Sorkin at the premiere in paris of its very first feature-length film. If one understands why the film has been sold as well before viewing, it includes much more quickly to the intentions of the young director who wants to make flat all that this comparison, which sits proudly on the posters of [THE] GREAT GAME, express. If the author says a great admirer of the sulphur film from Martin Scorsese, he wants his film alive by himself, he discloses his own values, and rightly so, because, when one looks at it, the story of Molly Bloom, a character played by the talented Jessica Chastain, goes against the extravagant Jordan Belfort, camped by Leonardo Di Caprio.More than a genre, the two characters are simply the opposite of the one and the other. First, Molly Bloom, a former athlete who was, by chance, found a vocation for the poker (which, incidentally, hosted the oscar-winning actor of The Revenant around his table), not trying to make a lot of money. It is before all its parts, first legal, to prove to herself that she can, and the few tickets that she puts in the pocket, it is just a bonus, it was well deserved. Putting an end to his double job as secretary, after having learned everything you could learn about poker, the incredible Molly Bloom plate all to set up his own organization, finally it is before writing his own biography, and to be arrested for the illegal organization of its parts, which, in addition to accommodating the big players and players from around the world, received the Russian mafia.

Who could be better placed than the writer that Hollywood is hard to stage this story true ? Away from him the idea of making a movie about poker, that he thought was a “simple” game of chance “, the now director seeks above all to make his character the central point of this story is completely crazy. Accelerated editing, information mass, the director to retain its mimicry of the author by taking into account the intellect and the reflection of the viewer.rice.s. Don’t panic so if you don’t know the maps, the master guides you, quickly and efficiently. This seeks, first of all, Aaron Sorkinis to deploy the motivations and intentions of this powerful woman, rose from skier professional queen of poker.If the glitter of the jet set, the red carpet of the fame and the money flowing as fast as champagne are present.e.this is not to cover the praise but rather to draw a portrait of a destructive nature. Far from being gloomy, the film, however, has a deep disgust of these extra superficial of which only a small portion of the population, has access to it. First the climb, then fall, and finally redemption, Molly Bloom goes through several stages, remarkably staged in the film. The hidden face of the Wolf of Wall Street which showed, in a much more enjoyable, the effects of this money is inexhaustible. Where Molly dark (alcohol, drugs…), Jordan takes pleasure to rise (and, paradoxically, sink). This is where the mastery of engineering that exposes the utopia, showing the reality. Fantasies grandiloquents humans, it pulls the disillusionment. A little in the manner of a Mark Zuckerberg or a Steve Jobs, geniuses stuck in their self-centeredness, Molly Bloom gets drunk with her power, which she tastes generously before you put an end to it, almost in time.

Part successful screenwriter of Steve Jobs who, in spite of some facility of realization, offers a biopic-drama-thriller enjoyable, the cast is remarkable, Jessica Chastain is at the top, Idris Elba has tremendous presence on the screen (in the scene of his monologue written with a particular care).

Pauline Mallet

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Original title : Molly’s Game

Achievement :Aaron Sorkin

Screenplay :Aaron Sorkin

Main actors : Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner and Michael Cera

Release Date : 3 January 2018

Duration : 2h20min

3.0final Note
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