[critical]The Green Hornet

The director of the newspaper the Daily Sentinel turns the night into a super-hero known as the Hornet Green. He is assisted by Kato, the martial arts expert.

Author’s Note


Release Date : January 12, 2011

Directed by Michel Gondry

Film american

With Seth Rogen, Cameron Diaz, Jay Chou

Duration : 1h57min

Trailer :

“Still a film of super-heroes”. It is the reflection that it could be done by learning the existence of the project, as the genre has flooded the screens since the success of X-men there are already 10 years old. Many were surprised also to learn that after a few false starts, the project fell in the hands of Michel Gondry.

But on the other hand, Kick-ass has recently been demonstrated that one was able to renew the genre and be fun even with clothes that are ridiculous and on the other hand, if actually, on paper, this story had nothing to do with the concerns of the do-it-yourselfer romantic The Science of dreams, or Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind or the documentary filmmaker’s intimate the thorn in the heart, it offered a big toy at the clipeur-experimenter’s awesome that it is also.

It is a little as one would have expected from a movie clip to the movie: one big film of order that would allow him to spread his knowledge and to fill the pockets of a studio in order to be able to turn the stories that are important to them in stride. Role more or less bound by Human nature, his film the more impersonal, it said.

This kind of film was even more successful than its “villain” is, it puts all the chances on his side in joining Christoph Waltz, the nazi from Inglourious basterds, in a register, not too far off (naughty but funny, see?). His intro scene with James Franco, the new golden boy of Hollywood, is irresistible. Its ridiculous assumed (see its transformation into Bloodnofsky!) defuses the criticism that one can make far too often in these productions (remember the green Goblin).

The duo of vigilantes (more than super-hero) flip permanently the film in the comedy regressive, their relationship the closer of Eric and Ramzy as Batman & Robin. If you like replicas of the genre “-Do you know Shanghai? -Yeah. I love Japan”, you will enjoy.

The 3D, rather successful (not as immersive as Avatar, but considerably less gadget as in Alice In Wonderland), brings the depth that is missing in the scenario. It puts into effect with a pace too industrial to be honest and non-plausible stunts, improbable, and the scenes of fighting, the latter benefiting, however, from the paw of Gondry, who seems to be abusing a “Matrix” but does that take back that which is his due (he had developed the process of the bullet-time from 95, for a commercial for a brand of vodka and a clip of the Stones).

The whole thing works as an association of heterogeneous divergent interests, trying each to pull the cover to them: Seth Rogen proves his talents as a writer and a role of the highlighting, Jay Chou has a visibility in the West, Cameron Diaz tries to make us believe that it has always been 20 years, Gondry spread his swank visual and the studio takes its entertainment movie and why not a new franchise.

If one leaves his brain at the entrance, the mission entertainment, however, is raised above the hand, the cheek bones are often of service, and the retina flattered.

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