Fifth installment of the saga cult signed BlueSky, The ICE AGE, the LAWS OF The UNIVERSE immerses us in the adventures cosmic, quite disappointing. This time, it was a rain of meteorites, and nothing other than the revelation that threaten our characters. If the decorations are fascinating and the secondary characters are full, everything is far too cutesy, starting with dialogues agreed, and a plot limited. Fortunately, the tireless Scrat saves a bit of the episode and provides moments more enjoyable.

The joyous troop is enlarged. Manny, Sid and Diego are now accompanied by their “women“ respective parts and reported as Julian, the suitor of Fishing, or Buck, the weasel of the Time of the Dinosaurs (the third installment). Together they are going to have to escape to the asteroid that threatens to crash into Earth and destroy. They leave their homes and follow the advice ingenious Buck who think to divert the trajectory of the meteorite thanks to the magnetism of some rocks that attract each other. In their escape, they find themselves at the heart of a meteorite Géotopia to the paradisiacal beauty, and a true fountain of youth for its inhabitants.

The problem is that despite the various twists and turns, the richness of the decorations and the arrival of new characters, the film remains pretty boring. Why ? First, because of the dialogues that there is a serious lack of impertinence and audacity (where did the excellent dialogues of the first part ?). Then because of an effect of the proliferation of characters, which means that it attaches less to everyone as it is in a. Finally, because what is at stake between the characters lack depth and rest well honey. Fishing is no longer a child, she loves Julian, a young mammoth fiery that looks absolutely to make love to Manny. Their dream : to marry and from backpacking all together. Manny, he does not see with that eye. With Eli, they are trying to reason with Fishing in him proving that she will not be able to live without them. It is far from The Turtle Red, beautiful, humanistic fable that could have been called “A life“. Here, it is the model over-protective western that dominates. On their side, Kira and Diego are not children and are desperate to scare all the little while Sid always seeks the woman of his heart.

“It looks like by the time a manifest of the Manif’ For All as happiness seems to be the only model of conjugal love, of family and friends.”

It looks like by the time a manifest of the manif for all, as happiness seems to be the only model of conjugal love, of family and friends. When the end of the world approach, needless to say how much everyone wants more than ever to accomplish. Even that crazy Buck takes a pumpkin as a child ! This could be funny, give rise to sequences with a twist. In vain, with the exception of a few gags like that of static electricity that transform our friends into a ball of rough hair, and the character of Julian is as nice as optimistic.

ICE AGE : the LAWS OF The UNIVERSE does not lack electricity in the air but the current does not pass. The scenario is unfortunately all too expected to surprise or make you laugh, and only scenes with Scrat are incredibly inventive and funny. The recipe has not changed, Scrat continues to run behind his famous acorn and cause disasters on the world, but the promise is held as the imagination of filmmakers (Mike Thurmeier and Galen T. Chu) seem to prove the great variations possible on the basis of a single idea ! However, ingenuity can take in a row.

Anne Laure Farges

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