[critical] THE MARCH

More than 1000 kilometres between Paris and Marseille, 100 000 people present at the arrival, the president François Mitterrand, who receives a delegation of participants at the Elysée, a lot of media coverage…, one wonders how THE MARCH for equality and against racism was able to disappear from the minds. Based on the low number of events for 10 and 20 years, the film by Nabil Ben Yadir seems to be the factor memorial ideal to bring back this Walk in the collective memory, 30 years after.

The walkers may have started at 30, the director and his co-writers have decided to reduce this number to 10, allowing you to more easily focus on their story and identify their motivations, representative of their identity. The friendship is created, the solidarity is growing, our protagonists attract quickly the sympathy of the spectator with a communicative good mood and a sense of humor irresistible, which is a hit every time.

THE WALK is a film that is cheerful, touching, immersive, but above all necessary.

THE WALK has beautiful leave a lot of room for humor, the film never loses sight of its main subject: a fight for equality and against racism in a France hostile to immigration, where police killings and hate crimes are increasing. This walk is such a way of the cross sip of pitfalls emotional as the molestation of the walkers or the evocation of the death of an algerian défenestré of the media. In all cases, the racial violence is palpable and sets in the film a certain pressure, a voltage non-negligible, which is opposed to pacifism as desired by the walkers.

Racism, integration, unemployment, the economic crisis, as many of the concepts that underlay them already in France in 1983, and the scenario offers a reflection of a zeitgeist is fascinating. The echo with the society today is evident and it is clear that the fight for equality has yet to be conducted. The message is reinforced by actors ‘ impeccable interpreting their characters with gusto and sincerity in the camera of the smart Nabil Ben Yadir. These ten people perform a voyage of initiation in which they become matured, the consciousness at once of their own wrong, and the fact that the discrimination does not rotate in a single direction. In the spring of this verse unsung in the history of France a great example of determination and courage who juggles perfectly between humour and emotion, without ever happily sink into the sordid realism and moralism blazing. THE WALK is a film that is cheerful, touching, immersive, but above all necessary.



In 1983, in a France plagued by intolerance and acts of racial violence, three young teens and the priest Minguettes launching a great peaceful March for equality and against racism, over 1,000 km between Marseille and Paris. Despite the difficulties and the resistance encountered, their movement will give rise to a real surge of hope in the manner of Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

They cleave to their arrival more than 100 000 people from all walks of life, and will give France a new face.

Original title : Walking

Achievement : Nabil Ben Yadir

Screenplay : Nabil Ben Yadir, Nadia Lakhdar, Ahmed Hamidi

Main actors : Olivier Gourmet, Tewfik Jallab, Charlotte Le Bon, Jamel Debouzze

Country of origin : France

Output : 27 November 2013

Duration : 2h00

Distributor : EuropaCorp Distribution

Trailer :

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