[critical] The Messengers

Roy, Denise and their two children have left Chicago to settle in the countryside. They want to regain the peace and quiet and live off the land, but upon their arrival in this old, remote farm, their eldest daughter, Jess, 16 years old, perceived as a presence. She begins to see strange things, shadows, apparitions. Only his little brother of 3 years, Ben, sees him also.

When these phenomena are intensified, Jess tries to warn his parents, but they don’t believe her. However, it soon becomes clear that the house and the beautiful nature that surrounds it, contain a secret that will soon arise. Jess must convince his parents, before it is too late…

Author’s Note


Release Date : 04 April 2007

Directed by Oxide Pang, Danny Pang

Film american

With Kristen Stewart, Dylan McDermott, Penelope Ann Miller

Duration : 1h31min

Original title : The Messengers

Trailer :

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The brothers Pang, Oxide and Danny, are directors of chinese sailing between good enough invoices (Bangkok Dangerous the first name or The Eye) and wading pools (for the suites of The Eye or the remake totally superficial, Bangkok Dangerous). The Messengers is clearly part of the second category. It is close to the cliché of the horror film family, where no one wants to understand the other, where one wants to help the other, where the evil one injects as in this human circle. In short, we are floundering really, and this is not the winks (or copies ?) films such as The Birds, Shining or Darkness that will save the day. Quite the contrary, we always think about these films, or at least their ideas and said “I’m watching what just there ?”.

The Messengers, this is the story of a family who settled in a country house, surrounded by sunflowers, and that is not so peaceful as it looks. And in this family, the young son no longer speak due to an accident. And height of happiness, he sees what others cannot see. Nothing in these 3 sentences, one feels to point the tip of the nose of the movies that have talked about this kind of scenario. If we continue on the fact that there are strange entities in the house, which will appear at the great day as in the twilight and they are in majority in the cellar… You will have understood it, The Messengers is a great movie copies and snapshots. This can be one of the evils of the transition that have made the brothers Pang in making the film their first american production. Anyway, it is bad.

From the beginning, we can already guess the end and to make a good movie, this specific point is not included unfortunately. A horror movie done by default fear, it is necessary that it happens at moments of intense scares, unexpected and surprises. However here we are dealing with scenes mâchouillées, predictable and flabby. The special effects are pretty good bills, but the latter has never made a movie good.

Where The Eye has caught our attention, these Messengers have distanced us of the brothers Pang and their fantastic universe, for a good time.

At the level of the casting, one is reminded of Kristen Stewart in the role of young Sarah in Panic Room. It was much more credible. Dylan McDermott is best known in the guise of Bobby Donnell in the series The Practice. Finally Penelope Ann Miller has never been able to take off in his film career and has been offered small roles here and there.

In short, all these paragraphs are not an end in itself, respect the work of our two brothers to chinese. There is a little tangle of brushes in the way of making the film, an accident does not always mean that the directors are bad, just that there is a recadrement to operate if one does not want to fall into the series B. We are still not there with the brothers Pang , but it is clear that The Messengers does absolutely not. As by his realization that his scenario or his mount.

For the story to end, the film was adapted into a comic book by Dark Horse (Hellboy) and written by Jason Hall (comics Star Wars). Whether the comic is better than the feature film, we hope firmly.

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