[critical] The Signal

After a power failure, the electronic devices emit a signal to be unbearable. Those who use it then turn into murderous bloodthirsty. A Terminus, a city in desolation, a woman, her husband and her lover try to survive the horror all the more absolute.

Author’s Note


Release Date : February 22, 2008

Directed by David Bruckner, Jacob Gentry and Dan Bush

Film american

With Anessa Ramsey, AJ Bowen, Justin Welborn

Duration : 1 hour and 50 minutes

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The strength of this film lies in its concept. The film is divided into three distinct parts in which are developed the points of view of three main characters. Each segment is shot by a different director and the whole form a coherent whole.

The first segment, directed by David Bruckner, we plunges, after a short introduction, directly into the horror. The director portrays a universe oppressive, leaving us with no respite, which allows him to immediately grab the viewer’s attention. This segment, although introducing the three main characters, focuses on the point of view of the woman, Mya, shared between the love idyllic that binds to Ben, her lover, and her life with her husband, Lewis, a man of a violent and possessive, which damps the sound. This part is most effective and leads us into a downward spiral where others is a potential hazard, and where the outcome is the leak and individualism.

The second segment, directed by Jacob Gentry, is more satirical. The horror flirts constantly with burlesque: you can immerse yourself totally in the comedy horror, with some moments worthy of Shaun Of The Dead.

This segment focuses more on the point of view of Lewis, the husband, on which the signal has implications fatal. Its sole purpose is to reclaim his wife and get rid of all those who would be an obstacle to this goal. During his journey, Lewis is going to meet characters, more or less affected by the signal. This part is nice to the protagonists we are reserving a few scenes désopilantes despite horrible in which they operate.

The lighter side of this segment is far from being stingy with gory scenes that will delight fans of the genre.

The third segment, directed by Dan Bush, is more apocalyptic, more spiritual and a bit more psychedelic. Difficult task for Bush to conclude this story, return to the essence of the film. This part focuses on the point of view of Ben, the lover, who, although affected by the impact of the signal has a response that is more spiritual and more pacifist than Lewis, and many of the protagonists of the film. Its goal is to find Mya and releasing it from the hold of Lewis.

The meeting of the three main protagonists shows how much the signal can reach differently in the minds of the people according to their emotional core. Some are plunging into the murderous madness when they were aggressive; others fight to long for the signal in spite of violent hallucinations while other, more fragile base, allow themselves to be completely overwhelmed by a torpor devastating.

The Signal, in spite of some problems of rhythm, is a nice surprise, and gives us a horror movie that’s original and terrifying. Filmed in thirteen days for a shoe-string budget, the producers had more creativity for us to deliver a first film more than honourable and who enjoys a solid interpretation.

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