[critical] The Strike – 1924 (vost)

In the tsarist Russia of 1912, The revolt rumbles within one of the largest factories in the country. Pushed to the limit by the conditions of work awful, the workers are not slow to assert their rights by waving the threat of the strike. The suicide of a worker accused of theft by the management that triggers the anger of the workers who rush to get off the street. Wishing to put quickly an end to these acts, without yielding to the claims, the management of the plant chose the confrontation, and relies on the government troops that invest the workers quarter. It is in a bloody slaughter that the conflict will end.

Release Date : 1924

Directed by Sergei Mikhailovich Eisenstein

Movie Russian

With Alexander Antonov, Grigori Aleksandrov

Duration : 1h 35mn

Original title : Statchka

Today, always in association with MrDomainePublic, the Blog Of The Film offers you to (re)discover the cult film of Eisenstein, Strike.

And as always, here are a few stories around this legendary film :

* The film, which was to be the fifth and the only one in a series that should be titled : “Towards the dictatorship “, is a propaganda film, intended to inform and educate the masses. It is one of the first production of the cinematography of State of the Soviet Union shortly after the 1917 revolution. Eisenstein shows a remarkable mastery (this is his first film) in the frame, the mounting and the symbolic. The fate of the workers crushed by the system is put in parallel with that of animals (up to ” the slaughter “, mounted in parallel with that of livestock), in opposition with the life of the bourgeois, which yet are nothing without the people.

* For his first film, Eisenstein chooses to present an exemplary form of resistance to oppression : the strike. But, far from making it a realistic description or a historical re-enactment, it’s more a film that appears as a ” manual of the know-gréver to the use of all the generations of the world “.

* The film was restored and wired for sound in 1969, with excerpts from the fifth and sixth symphonies of Shostakovich.

Have a good time !

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