[critical] The Town

Doug MacRay is a criminal and unrepentant, the de facto leader of a ruthless band of robbers who ennorgueillit to fly at their discretion without getting caught. Without ties to particular, Doug has no fear of ever losing a loved one. But everything will change the day when, at the last break of the band, they took hostage the director of the bank, Claire Keesey.

Although they were released unharmed, Claire is nervous because she knows that the robbers know her name… and know where she lives. But she lowers the guard to the day when she meets a man discreet and rather charming name of Doug….not realizing that he is the one who, a few days earlier, had been frightened. The attraction is instant between them will gradually turn into a passionate romance that threatens to lead them both on a dangerous and potentially deadly.

Author’s Note


Release Date : September 15, 2010

Directed by Ben Affleck

Film american

With Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm

Duration : 2h03min

Original title : The Town

Trailer :

There are days where we say that we like to live dangerously : go see a movie with Ben Affleck, directed by his care and which he has been involved in the writing, it is still evidence of some courage. This being said, this adaptation of a novel written by Chuck Hogan has good sides. Aesthetically speaking, the city and its next to poor and dirty are very well-written. The shady sides of the main characters is well operated and throughout the film you see is not actually a real “winner” in this slice of life.

The actors are not at the pick-up and even Ben Affleck is not as bad as what he had been able to accustom us. On the other hand, if the scenario holds, as such, it is full of commonplaces extremely most annoying : the romance between two people that everything opposes, with an atmosphere that is the limit of the Romeo and Juliet, the family history that seeks to justify certain actions, the sponsoring relentless, etc, not to mention the dialogues, which, in the first half hour of the film, are at the limit of the unbearable, sometimes because of a sense of humor, shaky, sometimes because of a vapidity incredible.

The Town is not a bad movie in and of itself. The scenario and the aesthetics of the film take to the road as such and the actors ‘ playing is drinking. But to consolidate in a single film so much views and reviews without a make or a new angle of approach, or a certain originality, makes this movie to the image of his heroes : criminal.

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