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Finally, here it is ! After months of teasing and hard weeks of waiting, we have (finally) been able to discover this famous WOLF OF WALL STREET. Fifth collaboration between Scorsese and DiCaprio, the film has everything that (we) appeal on paper. First, after the excellent INFILTRES (2006) and SHUTTER ISLAND (2010), our two big men favorite called the covered, and we had the promise of a unique work of art. Secondly, with a scenario entrusted to Terence Winter, is already at work on THE SOPRANOS and BOARDWALK EMPIRE, we could begin to make the full of adjectives more creditable one than the other. Thirdly, to put in scene the life of the ex-stock broker Jordan Belfort was a genius idea, as the life of the new yorker has been full of events. Lately, with supporting roles portrayed by Jonah Hill (STRATEGE), Kyle Chandler (ZERO DARK THIRTY) and Matthew McConaughey (MUD), talk about impatience to discuss the state in which we were would be an understatement. But after projection, and a moment of reflection, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET turns out to be a disappointment without a name. Explanations.

The talent of Martin Scorsese is no longer to demonstrate, it is a proven fact. By choosing to adapt to the screen the life of Jordan Belfort, a u.s. broker-dealer famous for having been in prison for embezzlement and money laundering in the 90’s, the director of GANGS OF NEW YORK we made a flower. In fact, he alone was able to illustrate the decadence and the workings of the finance of that time with as much care. What’s more, with Martin Scorsese behind the wheel of such a meteor, Leonardo DiCaprio turns out to be a choice, not a good idea, but mostly logical. Because who is better placed than the young Romeo of ROMEO + JULIET, the iconic Jack Dawson of the TITANIC and the ostentatious Gatsby from THE great GATSBY to interpret this Jordan Belfort, a young wolf impressionable, suggestible, versatile, and greedy ? With her acting that is improving with time, with this benefit which may finally earn him the Oscar for best actor, with this role in mind-blowing and hallucinatory, and with its direct addresses worthy of HOUSE OF CARDS, Leonardo DiCaprio succeeds almost bet crazy to keep us in suspense for 3 hours of this trip egomaniac to psychology non-existent. In a feat !

Eye-catching and cynical, to the limit of the misogyny, the homophobia, and the glorification of getting high.

For its part, is knowing with absolute freedom by his status, Martin Scorsese is fun and illustrates the excesses of this decade as no director had had the courage to do it until then. Breasts, rails of cocaine. Butts, wads of cash. Of the crotch to the sorrows hidden, pills by the dozens. Any pretext is good to take to show the ascent and then the inevitable fall of the ” Wolfie “. By chance, Leonardo DiCaprio is accompanied by the stunning Jonah Hill. Together, they form a duo, absurd, ridiculous, but furiously funny. And finally it is this, among the few positive points of this WOLF OF WALL STREET, that we prefer to remember : the comic scenes. If the movie deals with a serious subject matter (greed and lack of moral brokers), only scenes burlesques were able to grab all of our attention.

Let’s be clear, 3 hours is a long time. Really very long. Although THE WOLF OF WALL STREET can claim to be a complete work, the movie does not cease to oscillate between biopic, drama, comedy, slapstick, thriller and detective film. This hybridization, however, does not diminish not the ¾ moments where we looked at our watch. The film is undoubtedly a complex work, where everything (or almost) deserves to be told in an original way, one cannot pass in addition to the lengths. Has the image of this scene in which Jonah Hill masturbates in front of Margot Robbie at his induction, the other which Leonardo DiCaprio letting himself go to a few practices SM, or the one where he discovers the chilling effect of a certain calming. The whole thing is absurd and grotesque, is meant to illustrate a certain decline, but tends more towards one-upmanship. Do we tell a lie : seeing Leonardo DiCaprio crawl to his car and Jonah Hill choking on ham, one wonders what thought Martin Scorsese. And if even he thought at the time ! Because with passages as ridiculous, one immediately thinks of the comedies stamped with ” Judd Apatow “, to the gags of Jim Carrey and the awkwardness of the brothers Farrelly. But certainly not to the great Martin Scorsese, oh it’s not !

Being a director of engineering allows for more freedom but entails more responsibility and increased expectations. And it goes without saying that this is not THE WOLF OF WALL STREET as we prefer in the filmography of the man in his seventies with several hats. His latest film is a dire lack of interest in our eyes and falls so quickly in the ease that it would become almost pathetic. To highlight the fact that brokers of the time had an insatiable demand, Martin Scorsese overwhelms us with an avalanche of bimbos siliconized, mindless, unnecessary, and tasteless. History to make us understand that his wolf was incredibly hungry. The proof is with Margot Robbie (IT WAS TIME), actress of second zone who camps here a Naomi Belfort’s vulgar and hysterical, interesting only when she wants to protect her children. Sad. To introduce the role and importance of cocaine in the finance community, it’s Matthew McConaughey who will stick. Talented, brilliant and incredibly good, the actor texan 44-year-old must settle for a few scenes at the beginning of the film. Seriously, Martin ? Why ? And as if that wasn’t enough, it is the small French apparently become “bankable” Jean Dujardin (THE ARTIST) who plays the role of a swiss banker as silly as his feet. Tragic. Finally, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET quickly becomes a sequence of scenes more or less funny, but mostly vulgar. We are delighted to learn that already at that time, the men loved levrettes, interested in the plans to three, and were fascinated by the oral sex. Distressing. Has the image of this twist predictable, which meant that Jordan Belfort has refused to hang up the spikes at the time where he should have and extension the one-hour film absolutely dispensable.

Long and exhausting, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET is a highly touted and cynical, to the limit of the misogyny, the homophobia, and the glorification of getting high. Without a moral, the movie is mainly for his Leonardo DiCaprio at the peak of his art In other words, it is a small disappointment.

Jordan Belfort is a stock broker, who notably spent 20 months in prison for participating in a giant scam, and who unveiled the corruption reigning in Wall Street in the United States.

Original title : The Wolf of Wall Street

Achievement : Martin Scorsese

Screenplay : Terence Winter

Main actors : Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Kyle Chandler, Matthew McConaughey, Margot Robbie

Country of origin : United States

Output : 25 December 2013

Duration : 2h59

Distributor : Metropolitan FilmExport

Trailer :

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