[critical] THE WONDERS

Thestory : Gelsomina lives with her 3 sisters, her mother, her aunt coco and her father.

A family of girls, whose only representative male, despite his ability to annoy constantly, is still a minority, and must be crushed.

A family of farmers, who survives, as much possible, thanks to its production of honey, which is apparently incredibly good.

A family recluse, as a hermit, cut off from society, by conviction more than by choice.

A family in spite of all happy.

Still, Gelsomina seems titillated by the discovery of the world.

It will be symbolized by the coming of a kind of goddess, an actress who is a little old but pretty, Milly Catena. (Monica Bellucci), host a competition to reward local productions.

A mysterious film that these meraviglie (say méravigliiiais, in order not to look stupid in front of the italians).

One first thinks of a movie dark. The introduction shows the lights without the glow, moving in the darkness. Can a film be well dull or loopholes are restricted.

The next scene shows the family waking up gradually. Humor ? Naturalism ?

No, nothing like that. THE WONDERS is, in fact, that a chronicle of the passage to adulthood.

Gelsomina, a young teenager, almost a woman, is the head of the family, or at least often designated as such. Such responsibility implies a maturity that she guesses but does not. It will provoke his fate, at once fascinated by Milly Catena, and attracted by the discovery of the outside.

Nothing very original in this film. The staging has nothing transcendent. Only the photo magnifies a little this Italy unknown. A few flashes of poetry forced (the camel, the bee in the mouth, the chinese shadows) come and revive three times a story well linear and without surprise, if not a trouble sleeping pill.

Then Rohrwacher is not the subtlety of Nichols, nor the ambition of a Zeitlin. The course of Gelsomina has no interest, except when she observes the adults around her face, or when the outside comes to it. For a character supposed to capture the attention on his path, the little Maria Alexandra Lungu is a casting error, fatal.

“A film is rather well done, but uninteresting.”

Still a few things even if they fail to hold the attention throughout the duration of the movie : this family of chicks, or even the smallest manages to enforce a father’s decidedly crushed. An overview of the offset Italy, its recluse. Agriculture, as a form of poverty…

And this second male presence, mutique, charismatic (to him), necessarily appealing to the small. Adding a little forced, in order to invigorate the narrative, but all the same sufficiently troubling to be interested in 20 minutes.

The most memorable will remain the goddess of fair trade played by Monica Bellucci, between hypocrisy camouflaged, indifference and contempt, a character funny, more or less sensitive to the destiny of no interest from the small – 20 minutes also.

All the rest bored me.

I am so completely spent at the side of the film.

Spread out over two hours by the delays of a kid ugly and dazed I was absolutely not convinced.

These are not the two to three trips chelous at the end of films that will make up the whole.

A movie certainly without pretensions, but also without interest.

Original title : Le Meraviglie

Achievement : Alice Rohrwacher

Scenario : Alice Rohrwacher

Main actors : Maria Alexandra Lungu, Sam Louwyck, Alba Rohrwacher

Country of origin : Italy

Released : January 2015

Duration : 1h50mn

Distributor : Ad Vitam

Synopsis : Gelsomina lives with her 3 sisters, her mother, her aunt coco and her father. Soon, the family will participate in a competition to reward the best farmers of the region…

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