[critical] The X-Files – Regeneration

In the middle of the night, an employee of the FBI is removed, it… Guided by a former priest pedophile with strange visions, agents Whitney and Drummy investigate. Very soon, their investigation leads to an impasse : the clues are slim and time is of the essence. The government agency then decides to redo the call to Mulder and Scully. Their experience on this kind of sensitive cases that could prove to be capital. But years have passed since the closure of the service business unresolved. Scully is back to the doctor, and Mulder, in disgrace with the FBI, is not found…

Author’s Note


Release Date : July 30, 2008

Directed by Chris Carter

Film american

With David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Amanda Peet

Duration : 1h44min

Original title : The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Trailer :


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Titled simply “The X-Files : I Want To Believe I want to believe – in its original version, here is the second feature film of the series that has rocked much of the 1990s. The return of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, two agents of the F. B. I. has now “retired”, far away from all of this dark past and dark that encompassed the business not classified.

There is a Mulder beard, quasi-autistic, always with a great passion for cutting articles from newspapers and old jokes which he alone has the secret. As for Scully, here are a doctor in a catholic hospital, all the way at the end of the United States. One can also note a too brief appearance of the former director of the F. B. I. Walter Skinner.

Goodbye plot, goodbye aliens, here we are with a survey of ordinary traffic of organs. Not so mundane as that, because a light gets in the way. He has strange visions and told to follow what God dictated to him.

The only concern of the film is that, despite his “I want to believe”, it does not increase too much. Or not at all. The buckle has been buckled, during the ninth and final season of the series in 2002, and nothing will, even one or two feature-length films.

Of course, one is happy to see on the screen our two agents, but this is not a scenario. The latter is almost non-existent, nothing really happens, the scenes and the actions are predictable. It wades in the snow from beginning to end, interspersed with scenes relating exclusively to the couple Mulder / Scully.

The couple – who became a real couple since the season 8 of the series – which shows us that too little, except for a small kiss worthy of a Twilight watered-down version (that is to say), and a scene in the marriage bed far too fleeting and ambiguous to looks at it. It must be said that it’s not the snow that is cold in this film, the relationship between the two protagonists is similar, but it was used in the past – and the story simply – to these exchanges quite icy.

Still an achievement, in fact, quite basic but with a good photography – Bill Roe, who has signed the photo of the series – worthy of the first film and the series in general. There is still also of course the joy to find Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny – where we expected to see Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish – 10 years after The X-Files – Fight The Future. We will finish by a soundtrack of the goods, signed by Mark Snow, a subscriber to the X-Files since the beginning of the series.

The X-Files – Regeneration is certainly the film too much on this saga. It doesn’t really, he can’t take off and the landing is very disappointing. Despite the return of Chris Carter – creator of the series – to the realisation, despite the side “return to the good old times”, it is clear that it has indeed left for good.

It is therefore unfortunately a semi-failure for this return. A third film could be on track for 2012, closer to the conspiracy and alien after the actor David Duchovny. Hope that does not taint them no more an image already well-worn by these last 2 movies. At least, we want to believe.

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