Lucien Jean-Baptiste (The first star, DieuMerci!) often tells stories related to the topics related to issues of diversity and the place of the black man in society. He explained at the Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême assume quite break the codes and be stamped ” director black “. Rather than go to it frontally, he prefers to fight with kindness and poetry. But most of all, his trademark is the humor. And even Aïssa Maïga, who accompanies them to the screen, also believes that laughter creates relaxation, physiological, and allowing the public to be more receptive and culled in the emotion. HE ALREADY HAS YOUR EYES is no exception to the rule and is rather successful.

Sali and Paul, happy adopters.The director, who has brought this project for over ten years, avoiding his through usual good feelings that reek. The spring comic-related racism reverse of this small white which landed in a family of black is undeniable and gives rhythm to the film. If the range of all possible reactions in the face of this situation is a little exaggerated and the stroke a little forced, we are grateful to the director and his co-writers Sebastien Mounier and Marie-Françoise Colombani not to have sunk deep into the pathos of the adoption – it is far from the shocking and disturbing 100% Cashmere of Valérie Lemercier. The couple formed by Lucien Jean-Baptiste (Paul) and Aïssa Maïga (Sali) is not reduced to the expectation of the adoption, that their coming as a cherry on the cake of their life fulfilled, what has been rightly appreciated by the actress.

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HE ALREADY HAS YOUR EYES, discusses with mastery of several subjects in connection with the adoption : parental love, the transmission, the lineage, the legacy, the tradition. It is as well to reflect on the way in which is built the bond with the child, including grandparents. This part is encouraging, because the parents Messed up don’t live the situation very well. The actress has seen a resonant, intimate with his own family history and has been encouraged by the director that recognizes “do not have written Shakespeare ” – to participate in the dialogues. Bringing his own african experience, she has inspired a nice scene about the racism border between senegalese and congolese.

Because it is well to outwit the prejudices in the face of the home of the difference of colour, origin, and even religion. The outside view (pediatrician, nurses) is not at rest. But the worst of it is that of Madame Mallet, one of the social workers stuck and bounded to the Bureau of Child welfare. This is Zabou Breitman including glue and heaps of ideas to prove that she is right to oppose this adoption. HE ALREADY HAS YOUR EYES frieze so the drama, but makes up for it in accuracy.

The cast is obviously so much to the success of the film. In addition to the two main actors, very fair, Vincent Elbaz (Manu) is surprising for its real potential comic and reveals talent hitherto untapped. In a real role of composition, he appears good-natured blundering but good dough. Nothing is missing ; big spectacles, snags, eczema, and nasal voice to complement it, without too much load, the portrait of the godfather.

We laugh out loud good heart and HE ALREADY HAS YOUR EYES, moving plea for humanity to live together. And of course, since this is a comedy, it knows that love will triumph. Lucien Jean-Baptiste with this trend a bit naive to trust the intelligence of the human being and his ability to learn from its mistakes. But he assumes it totally. Because, for him, reaching to open the eyes of a person, it is already that of won. We are waiting for the result !


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