[critical] There Will Be Blood

When Daniel Plainview hears about a small town in California, where it is said that an ocean of oil flowed literally from the ground, he decides to go try his luck and leaves with his son H. W. at Little Boston. In this place lost where everyone is struggling to survive and where the only distraction is the church led by the charismatic priest, Eli Sunday, Plainview and his son see the fate of their smile.

Even if the oil fills their expectations and made their fortunes, nothing will be as before : the tensions are intensified, conflicts occur and human values like love, hope, sense of community, belief, ambition and even the relationship between father and son is imperiled by corruption, betrayal… And the oil.

Author’s Note


Release Date : February 27, 2008

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Film american

With Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, Dillon Freasier

Duration : 2h38min

Trailer :

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The oil has its king in the person of Daniel Plainview. It is in Little Boston that he establishes his reign alongside his “son and partner”, H. W.. A community of bouseux, nothing more, to which man, nice speaker, dangled nothing less than the civilization. In exchange, the grip on their few acres of dust. In order to build his kingdom to the mogul become ready for anything. And this is not what priest beardless son of owner who is going to succeed to put a spoke in the wheels. As to the background, in parallel, there has also been the ascent of Eli Sunday, who want to build his religious empire on the basis of the same muddy, leave to do the blackmail spiritual for him to extort his money, by waving the holy banner of Redemption. As Plainview, he went so far as to deny his son. Up to soak his hands in blood, and this time not from the earth.

Which, from the bell tower or derrick, is going to overshadow the other under the californian sun ? If the identity of the winner is not in doubt, and it might cost him dearly. The price to pay is mentioned in the title.

This film-portrait is one of those people that you feel. As it is believed to feel it in the throat, the smell of oil that permeates everything on the screen. As we feel the music is discordant, the guitarist of Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood, the source voltage a little dishonest, but so freakin ‘ effective when the guys are dabbling at the bottom of the well (in view of his previous films, the gifted Paul Thomas Anderson likes the sound and takes care of hers).

As we feel the personality of this character is disgusting and disturbing tenderness contained in his or her relationship with the kid. A die-hard, blinded by the thirst for the black gold, inhabited by the phenomenon Daniel Day-Lewis. In face, teen dumb colour blind in Little Miss Sunshine Paul Dano embodies his rival brilliantly, won by the madness that sweeps away all morals for the brutal of There Will Be Blood in a torrent of brownish.

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