At the beginning of the Twentieth century, shortly after the invention of the automobile and the motorcycle, the competition their emboita the not little. A lot of races that appeared and flourished after the war. On circuit, as we know them even today, but also on the road, the speeds attained at that time not being foolish nor necessarily incompatible with the crossing of the cities, or the inability to secure a long ride.

The races since become legendary and whose evocation of the names still shine in the eyes of the fans (and stare others) : Carrera Panamericana, Mille Miglia, Targa Florio

With the increase in performance and the growing popularity bringing more people to the side of the road, what had to happen came to pass : of the many tragic events eventually all ban one-by-one, each time the result of an accident involving a car barreling into the crowd !

“We are in the year 70 after Jesus Christ ; and all the road races were banned… All of them ? No ! As a small island populated by irreducible Britons still resists and always to the invader of the crackdown on road safety.”

It is as well that it might make the race Tourist Trophy, reserved for motorcycles, created in 1907, and which still has and still takes place today on the isle of Man, the island wedged between Ireland and Great Britain and where the cats have the tail cut. Last survivor of these legendary races on the road, it is now considered as the race of the most dangerous in the world.

If all the other stopped in such a tragic way, it owes its salvation to… to… the legendary eccentricity of the british, you can’t see it ! Because it has not escaped miraculously with the tragedies, far from it : more than 200 deaths since its inception, an average of 5 deaths for each mile of circuit, or one every 300 meters if you prefer.

RUSH, only better : characters are earthy, engine sounds evocative races returned and not truncated. Rare feeling that the story is written under our eyes rather than be used up to a dish warmed up.

The documentary chronicles the festival (because there is not one but 5 races of different categories, spread over two weeks) for the 2010 and following more particularly the course of Guy Martin, a local celebrity, who will attempt to win his first “TT”. Also endearing than annoying, the man is a “geek of the mechanical” : when he is not on his bike, he is in his garage to repair trucks and in-between, he sleeps in his van !

This study of character doubling course of a sporting interest more global, any driver not having previously completed the grand Slam (winning all five races).

The film has enough plans impressive, both for those in the on-board camera where one realizes that the turns follow each other at an alarming rate including some in the blind, those with fixed shots, that play on the contrast between the quiet villages and the violence of the bikes that cross the screen in a fraction of a second, or those helicopters that offer corner views… outputs drive.

TOURIST TROPHY – THE RACE TO The EXTREME, it is RUSH, only better : the characters are also earthy, the engine sounds are also suggestive, the races are really returned and not truncated, and it was this rare feeling that history is being written under our eyes, rather than reusing a dish warmed up.



Each spring, the traditional race bike TT takes place on the roads of the isle of Man. Thirsty of glory and adrenaline, drivers, of motorcycle daring to go there. But flirting with danger has its price: over two hundred people have lost their lives in the course of this show.

Original title : TT3D: Closer To The Edge

Achievement : Richard De Aragues

Main actors : Jared Leto (narrator)

Country of origin : Great Britain

Output : 6 November 2013 (DVD, not provided in rooms)

Duration : 1h44


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