“Choose the best british film of the last ten years. Choose TRAINSPOTTING we know from the promo of the film. Out of habit, and in general, you don’t really trust the promo of a film. Too misleading, too direct, too fake. Except that in this case, the promo’s not lying to us.

This is a film punch, a film enters the inside, a film that gives us the sheaf, a film that wants, a film that is in the form of the story, a film that is alive, a film which looks. Danny Boyle, the director that it has been obliged to incense in this long film. It could not be otherwise given the way he has adapted the first novel of the scottish Irvine Welsh. The writer also made an appearance in the film, he plays Mikey Forrester, a small dealer who provides suppositories with opium to Mark Renton when the latter wants to win the heroine.

This novel is very disjointed, made up of small chapters and written in the first person. Mark Renton, played by Ewan McGregor, is the beneficiary in the movie. The intro scene puts us all immediately in the bathroom with a suite a memorable choice to do or not ending with “I chose not to choose life. I chose something else. The reasons for that ? There’s no reason. We don’t need reasons when you have heroin”.

In the beginning of the film, the story of marginalized young people, scottish, “scrap of humanity” according to Mark Renton. The story of these young people totally lost, disconnected from the real world. And the story of the heroine. This heroin if present in the film, we could feel we. A way to exorcise the drug, to cure the evil by the evil, by putting us face to it, as long and as intensely as possible. Heroin and all that is in the phase of “after fix” : in hallucinations various, and varied, it is latent and psychedelic. Until the moment when Renton decides to stop the cam.

Mark “Rent-boy” Renton and Daniel “Spud” Murphy, Simon David “Sick Boy” Williamson, Francis “Franco” Begbie and Thomas ‘Tommy’ MacKenzie. 5 boys, 5 different characters with one and only one point in common : their addiction to heroin.

Small Murders Between FriendsDanny Boyle, also – will reveal to the public, TRAINSPOTTING will literally transcend in the eyes of the world : Ewan McGregor has a role tailor-made, away from Trader, The Voyeur, Moulin Rouge ! or the trilogy of Star Wars with which it will actually success and fame. He lives his character and not the leaves that clap to the end of the scene.

Ewen Bremner played Spud, a bit crazy and this fresh impression of the see always elsewhere, out of the world. It will be 4 years later, alongside Werner Herzog in Julien Donkey-Boy , released in 2000.

It was the first role with Angelina Jolie – the two partners were married to in life – in Hackers a year before TRAINSPOTTING, Jonny Lee Miller portrays here Sick Boy, a guy well on the surface but relatively poorly in its skin on the inside. He has two passions : the cinema and the girls. The actor is the main character of the series Eli Stone.

Robert Carlyle, Franco in the movie, known with TRAINSPOTTING, recognized with the Full Monty, a year after. An actor moving and the camera with his desires to always look for trouble, regardless of where it is located.

Finally, Tommy, the wisest of the five, which does not touch anything and that leads a good life and healthy. Until he also fall in love with the white powder. Kevin McKidd was then sued in the cinema with Dog Soldiers by Neil Marshall for example. It is also in the series Grey’s Anatomy and Rome.

“”The” movie of a generation. You can’t engage fully in the british cinema without having seen Trainspotting. “

Danny Boyle, after having carried out Small Murders Between Friends, has had this brilliant idea to transpose this story on film. The cast is more than well chosen, the editing is square and disjointed at times. Some fixed plans are calculated to the millimeter, while others have been turned in to the rhythm of the action, without trying to be perfect. The special effects are pretty well done for the most part, except definitely one, one where you can see the little baby walking on the ceiling, perched upside down. This baby in the middle of this “family” of drug addicts in a place that is unhealthy and messy…

There is a great place to the soundtrack in TRAINSPOTTING, with groups all as eclectic as grandiose : Iggy Pop, Brian Eno, Primal Scream, Blur, New Order, Lou Reed, Pulp, Elastica, Underworld… The album that B. O. was a huge success, or even just as much as that of the film. TRAINSPOTTING does not work without the B. O. and the B. O. does not work without TRAINSPOTTING.

Winks also make their appearance, notably the Beatles and the film Mechanical Orange of Stanley Kubrick. However, this would lose all meaning and distraction if we do not leave you look for the scenes.

The drug not only reflects the first definition of the thing, just take his fix, have fun and soar. The film depicts with gravity – but without a certain dose of humor – the cul de sac, the impasse in which the lives of these young people. When one no longer knows what to do these days, in his time, it starts to do everything and anything. We want to be able to escape, if only for a short period of time, with all this routine, this boredom that weighs down on his life. What could be better that a fix for this ?

A contrario, it can realize the total failover of life between youth and parents, who lead an existence of a square, neat, between meals on a table with a tablecloth, perfectly set and evenings in front of the television with cultural programs. And where the shoe pinches, it is that they do absolutely no account of the life tortured suffered by their children.

In conclusion, TRAINSPOTTING is “the” movie of a generation. You can’t engage fully in the british cinema without having seen TRAINSPOTTING. Danny Boyle has passed his first master-stroke by making a film punch, which subtly blends drama and comedy, with a cast disturbing, and oozing with truth. It is not for nothing that the film has been the biggest success of the year 1996 in Great Britain.

Porno, the sequel to TRAINSPOTTING , both at the level of novel – writing by Irvine Welsh in 2002 as a film project by the director. We expect that this will know better than anyone else transpose it to the screen and make us relive these moments of emotion that we see only too rarely in cinema.


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