[critical] Twilight – chapitre 1 : Fascination

Isabella Swan, 17, moves to Forks, a small rainy town in the State of Washington, to live with his father. She expects that her new life is as boring as the city itself. However, in high school, she is terribly intrigued by the behavior of a strange family, two girls and three boys. Bella falls madly in love with one of them, Edward Cullen. A relationship sensual and dangerous then begins between the two young people : when Isabella understands that Edward is a vampire, it is already too late.

Author’s Note


Release Date : January 07, 2009

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke

Film american

With Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke

Duration : 2h10min

Trailer :

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Isabella has everything a teen problem, acne aside (because you know, the buttons that is not bankable). His mother fornique right to left, and his father is buried in a bled at the end of the state of Washington. This is where our heroine moves in, presumably to escape the harmful influence of its parent.

On his arrival it was raining, Dad pulls the face and it is accompanied by an indian in a wheelchair. It was better known as the welcoming committee. The icing on the cake, the single band of geeks in the hutch falls head over high heels for the new and put the pot over to the canteen. Between the salad and the mashed potatoes, while his buddies don’t end up to discuss on the latest episode of Heroes, Bella hiding behind the earphones of his iPod, when a staggering vision the hard to “Monsoon” by Tokyo Hotel.

A tall, brown-haired expressionless vacant eyes and pale complexion, most likely a member of the clan goth of the school, made his entry in slow motion. The opportunity for the spectator to admire a performance of an actor : a single expression, as I say, only a single mask of inflexibility to express a range of emotions. For Bella and millions of schoolgirls in bloom, it is love at first sight.

With its air inaccessible tendency autistic, Edward is still a little weird. He sniffs the girl in the chemistry course, and later saves his life by stopping a hand a pick-up truck launched at full speed. While the gringue, Bella is said that may be, this guy hides a heavy secret. She investigates and discovers quickly the pot to the roses. Edward is a fucking vampire. There ensued a series of walks in the woods, the opportunity to attend a slew of dialogues and exciting between two young people who are turning around without daring to make the first step.

“I love you, but you know, I’d like to go with you.

Me too, but we can’t put it together, I’m too much of a monster.”

In watermarking the hidden meaning of this masquerade appears more and more clearly. This is what is called an apology of abstinence, through an allegory as subtle as an elephant who tap dance in a china shop.

Like all teens, Edward was the raging hormones. But because this is a guy well, he represses his irrepressible urge to trouser bite Bella. Which, in love, feels ready to move to the pan to make vampiriser. Edward resists, refuses (not before the wedding ?). As opposed to this knight, his alter ego evil embodies one who yields to the temptation, sating the urge natural here treated as a perversion.

Here it is, the moral a bit conservative for this “Romeo & Juliet with vampires”, originally a novel by Stephenie Meyer, novel that Stephen King has read.

With such a subject, the “specialist of adolescence” Catherine Hardwicke (director of the sulphurous Thirteen) ensures that in any case his rear by immediately putting millions of young people in the pocket. Bingo, the film proved a massive hit. We will be entitled to the following.

Something to save ? Yes, the beauty of the landscapes and especially the wonderful music of Carter Burwell, official composer of the Coen Brothers. But definitely not this baseball game between the sides of chalk on the bottom of “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse. A kind of kitchissime clip full of effects cheap, with bullets flying like balls of fire, of the gentiles who jump and villains who take poses in impossible to show to what extent they are villains.

No, seriously. My little finger tells me that on the same theme (vampirism and adolescence), the award-winning Festival of Gérardmer Morse proposes a change in just a thousand times more interesting than this huge scam 100% Emo Kids Approved.

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