Critical vice-Versa

Critique vice-Versa

“Vice-Versa “

Or when movies for children to (re)become intelligent


I would like to take this Sunday to provide you with a new section : Guest Articles. This space is reserved to other sites or blogs that want to talk about cinema in a different way. How to Make A Movie offers to learn and to popularize the mechanics of narration and the technique to allow you to Make or write a movie.

But I told myself that it was important to go further by offering you a different tone, a different point of view and a different universe. These articles also provide bridges to topics on How to Make A Movie.

You have to tell me, via comments, if you think it is a good idea…or not ;o) And especially tell me what you think of this article. I leave now the place to Maxime.

Hello to all readers of How to make a movie ! The team of Fruit that we did is just take a little space here. You don’t know Fruit that one made ? We are six writers a little crazy, fans of the big screen and very very hungry. We write reviews without much tra la la, because our goal is to share with you about the movies that make us react. Yes, the cinema is made for that : make us dream, to entertain us, to make us react !

Since Tom is familiar with the cinema of animation, in particular the rules that govern the films of Pixar , we give you our opinion on Vice-Versa.

Synopsis :

Nothing goes in the control center of the emotions of the young Riley. While Joy was leading the dance in the company of his friends Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, a big upheaval will turn everything upside down in the life of the young girl. Joy will then do everything to avoid that the foundations of the personality of Riley and collapsing forever.

Finally ! Finally, the return of a youth film entertaining and clever, exploiting a universal theme but rarely treaty : the transition from childhood to adolescence. Non-content to be very good, he prides himself in playing the card of the emotions to the background, as well as those of Riley as ours.

The film is very well managed from the beginning to the end : enough action to keep you entertained and refreshment breaks welcome to get carried away by the story and overwhelmed by the emotions. These are also served by a voice cast with onions and are all very endearing, whether it’s Sadness and his despair standing or the character of grumpy Anger.

Side realization, Pixar has nothing more to prove. The film is beautiful graphically and it just flows with fluidity and efficiency. But the strong point is undoubtedly the general design of the film, a symbol of the artistic direction of the first order.

Because this was the challenge of Pixar : how to explain the turmoil that one feels when a change important in our life, while making it believable and fun to something as complex and intangible as the spirit ? To achieve this master-stroke, Pixar has used for 2 things : simplicity and imagination. Watching this film, one has the feeling that it was made by an adult, by definition rational, but that would have kept all of the imagination and the emotions felt during his childhood. Therefore, it can build a world that is identifiable by all, with ideas totally fanciful but very well found (the train of thought that stops during sleep, creating dreams, etc.). By combining this universe with the events that occur in the life of Riley, we realize that we all have already experienced these great changes. Indeed, who has never felt the foundations of his life fall down one after the other, when one has the impression that everything goes through ! Therefore, we can understand very quickly the seriousness of the stakes in seeing the islands of the personality of Riley (great idea, incidentally) to collapse one by one when the girl loses all its marks. As a result, we have fear for it, looking at his mind gently let it break, because we know the result of this fall : the depression. And the only things that can sustain our world, this are our dreams as well as the support and love of our loved ones.

However, if Joy is an important character, and perhaps the most endearing, Sadness is essential ! Proof : Joy and Sadness are found embedded in a long journey to try to save Riley. Then that Sadness only wants to play his role, Joy does not support that Riley can be sad. Then she tries to evict him. Until she realizes that, in a good memory of Riley, she was first sad, for it lifts the spirits.


Pixar offers us a moral very moving in this movie ! It is necessary to accept to be sad to be able to be happy. In effect, without the negative things, we are not aware of the chance that a. This is why this film is a total success ! Whether adult, teenager or child, the identification is immediate and the message is beautiful, reminding us that even if life is sometimes difficult, it can still be made beautiful and full of hope. Very likely that some, and not only more sensitive, there will also be donating a few tears.


In short, a wonder of animation to advise all the world. A masterpiece !


We hope that this critique you will be more, and feel free to respond in comments if you do not agree with us ! We are waiting for you on the Fruits that are fit as well as on our page on Facebook. And don’t forget, go to the cinema, watch films, share them with your loved ones… because the cinema is the most beautiful of the Arts !

Maxime pineapple,

With the participation of Elysa apricot and Josepha’s small Tangerine.

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