[critical] Violent Cop

A police officer violent is grappling both with its hierarchy and a gang led by the ugly Kiyohiro. Kitano achieves this first film where he only had to hold the first role, by chance. Following the defection of the director in the scene, he agrees to stage “Violent Cop” in the redesign significantly the scenario. A detective story classic, it will only keep the frame and focuses his attention on the main character that he embodies: an anti-hero loner and against the current.

Author’s Note


Release Date : march 25, 1998

Directed by Takeshi Kitano

Film japanese

With Takeshi Kitano, Shiro Sano, Haku Ryu

Duration : 1h 38min

Original title : Sono Otoko Kyobo ni Tsuki

Trailer :

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Takeshi Kitano meets Fukasaku a superb way in showing a film which was intended before. The cop mercilessly Azuma is then born in a suit and two pieces, to look nonchalant. Without laughter, even if a little clumsy in its structure, Violent cop is a polar surfing often between humor typical of Beat Takeshi, and the poetic melancholy of Kitano.

The film begins as a thriller-doped ultra-violence and full of black humour. The character that embodies Kitano is dual facet. Cop model, and well in front of his boss, a real ripou and baddie of the first in the street, beating and torturing any ugly person. The sequence of introduction, fabulous in its meaning, proves that the hunter becomes hunted when he is alone. In the role of the pediatrician unorthodox, the inspector tatane cum and blows of the ball, who would dare to put on the souk in the city, his city. It is also when we speak badly of his sister. He was right after all.

The style of Kitano is born (even though it will have to wait permanently Sonatina for move similarly), and the fan of the cinema is to the angels

Where Violent Cop seemed to be a pure polar at the beginning, it is simply subsequently. Darker and more tragic the film becomes a true machine of war, the social message loud and engaged. It will be rotating in parts disgusting, where the victim is drugged to the shoots to whine more loudly, where the bloodied bodies lie at right-to-left, such as garbage collected in dark corners. Denunciation of a society without faith or law where hoodlum, gangster, yakuza, and ripoux respond to one another by the intermediary of the balls.

The car chases in the middle of the city from the beginning are then substituted by a final insane and ultra-violent between Azuma, his enemy and his sister, sequence mind-blowing and amazing that we never imagined an outcome like that. The style of Kitano is born (even though it will have to wait permanently Sonatina for move similarly), and the fan of the cinema is to the angels.

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