Scrutinize the flaws of the economic system u.s. has become since few years a challenge that the cinema wants to film. As for demystifying this great undertaking, to bring it back in the face of its contradictions, its through. WAR DOGS, based on a true story, tells of how two young wolves took advantage of a failure allowing small businesses to respond to tenders of the u.s. army. Has the image ofAdam McKay with The Big Short, this is another offshoot of the american comedy, the nag Todd Phillips, who is in charge of making this new crazy story. For those who have no knowledge of the facts, it is obvious that the film will at least know what it returns. But for that, the original article appeared in 2011 in a Rolling Stone fills the same role and in less time. Unfortunately, it is not enough to capture a great story to make a good film. For this you need a director, someone able to bring a look and a treatment. And that is the concern. The dad of a Very Bad Trip has no shoulders to transcend such a topic. At best, it shows. At worst, it comes to be noted by unnecessary effects (slow motion, thermal vision, and music).

Following safely operate a road on rail from the climb up the falls through the formal and informal summits and the beginning of the trouble, WAR DOGS cannot be found or the madness of hysteria in the Wolf of Wall Street , nor the biting of The Big Short. Todd Phillips does that imitate foolishly the process without ever trying to understand the theoretical mechanics and film. The provocation lies in a heap of vulgarity from an american comedy of the bottom floor and a Jonah Hill in free-wheel having only an instruction to repeat its remarkable performance in the Wolf of Wall Street. To force them to look for the humor and the replica that kills, the film forgets its characterization of the characters and reduces them to two figures simplistic : the visionary fool, and a naive follower. Impossible to cleave to David (Miles Teller), a character in the strokes with the highlighter, and whose scenes with his wife seem to be more incidental than anything else, as they do not pose never issues narrative. Worst: when it comes to Efraim (Jonah Hill), a character in the potential the most interesting, the film refuses to be interested in the sick mind and prefer to watch from afar without having to bother with the complexities of its operation.

“Next securely a path on rails, from the ascension until the fall, WAR DOGS cannot be found or the madness of hysteria of the Wolf of Wall Street, nor the biting of The Big Spell”

Comedy just okay (it should be recognized that some valves are well felt), action-drama missed (no real power), WAR DOGS is a dream satire creaking but finally remains well-behaved. It is enough to see the end to be convinced : Henry (Bradley Cooper, the bad guy) makes up an image by providing the money to David so he could remake his life… All is well that ends well: despite the failure, the american dream continues. The company is sorely lacking in dirt, despite a few fucks left and right. In the last reel, Efraim wants to make amends with his friend David. He quotes Scarface he said he had seen the day before on tv. “We knew the cues by heart,” says he… As his characters, Todd Phillips wants to be at the height of his predecessors or of his inspirations, but he can only quote them or rehash the form emptied of its consistency.

Maxime Bedini

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