[critical] Warrior

Old Navy broken, Tommy Conlon returns to his country and asks his father to prepare for a tournament of mixed martial arts that would allow him to earn a fortune. Does anyone know what he hopes to do with the money. The own brother of Tommy, Brendan, decides he, too, engage in the competition to try to save his family. Between the two brothers, the years have not softened the bitterness.

Inevitably, the roads of Tommy and Brendan will soon be crossed. Beyond the clash that promises to be, for everyone, whatever the cause they defend, it is not only a question of winning a prize, but to lead the fight of a lifetime…

Author’s Note


Release Date : September 14, 2011

Directed by Gavin O’connor

Film american

With Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy, Jennifer Morrison

Duration : 2h20min

Original title : Warrior

Trailer :

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From time to time, by the greatest of coincidences, you will come across a film carried by the sport of combat that still manages to find the right balance between drama and action, and that which is more (if you’re really lucky), with more drama than action, which becomes more of a backdrop for everything else. Because it is only when fights are justified by a scenario emotionally captivating that they become all the more intense and rewarding.

Warrior refers to a world of mixed-martial arts where the gladiators of modern times confront each other in a cage hexagonal as well standing or on the ground. The creation of an international tournament imaginary, “Sparta”, will be on the same trajectory Paddy (Nick Nolte), Brendan (Joel Edgerton), and Tom Conlon (Tom Hardy), who are all part of a family both torn apart and in the distant past by an excess of favoritism and abandonment. Tom resurfaces in society to enlist the help of his father, by the way an ex-alcoholic, in order to train them physically and mentally to participate in the tournament. In parallel, Brendan returns to sweat in the halls of the UFC in hopes of winning the purse of $ 5 million to restore the taste of life in his family in trouble. On the other hand, as one would more or less be expected, although these two rabid dogs compete against some of the fighters in the most difficult of the MMA has generated, the real struggle seems to lie in them. Paddy is fighting to obtain the pardon of his sons, Tom fights to prove to himself that he is strong physically and mentally, and Brendan struggles to reconcile with his family.

A magnetic history showing how the larger forces of the world may be insignificant in comparison with the troubles of a family flayed alive by the destiny.

Each brother has his own reasons respectable to face the fighting, reasons that will divide the audience when the time comes to choose to support one or the other of the brothers finalists. For its part, the scenario is almost epic and presented very committed. Little by little, through his dialogues, we see the past trials of this family torn apart and the motivations of the characters to keep such hatred in them are revealed gradually. This dramaturgy is, of course, made possible and crédibilisée thanks to the immense talent of these three heads of posters.All three, each in their own ways, give their characters a charisma unwavering. Nick Nolte had not been so affecting since long, very long years, Tom Hardy, appearing more monstrous than ever physically, proves to us once again that the method of the Actor’s Studio has not finished dazzle us, and between the two, Joel Edgerton doesn’t have to fade with his performance even if he has to work twice as hard to not be totally clear in the face of its partners.

Only on the horizon, the role of Jennifer Morrison is under-exploited and Nick Nolte seems to have been somewhat forgotten in the last third. The final could also have been treated differently but how do you avoid the clichés with a subject that is a cliché in itself (two brothers fighting each other until the final in the same tournament). This is why it is necessary to confess that on the whole, the director is doing very well.

Warrior is one of those movies about sport that mixes with a charisma unimaginable first of all a battle, both physical and psychological. It is a magnetic history showing how the larger forces of the world may be insignificant in comparison with the troubles of a family flayed alive by the destiny. Warrior is without doubt one of the most beautiful emotions of these last months, and no matter whether you’re a fan of MMA or not, the fights have such an aura, such a dose of adrenaline that you will not have any trouble in enjoying the show.

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