[critical] Weirdsville

Royce and Dexter are two misfits living in the strange place that is Weedsville (“the strange city”). The day that Matilda, the girlfriend of Rayce dies of an overdose, they won’t find anything better than to be buried on the grounds of a drive-in closed down. But they discover soon that the place used to sacrifice to a cult satanist.

Author’s Note


Release Date : on DVD and Blu-Ray from the 1st September

Directed by Allan Moyle

Film american, canadian

With Wes Bentley, Scott Speedman, Taryn Manning

Duration : 1h 30min

Trailer :

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Director of the seen Pump Up The Volume and Empire Records, Allan Moyle is back in the spotlight with a film that has not found a place in our cinemas and which, therefore, has landed now in the shelves : Weirdsville or the story of two branleurs finding themselves in spite of themselves, in a story of a crackpot on a background of satanism and attacks of dwarves, rabid. So, if some films do not deserve not even to be viewed on a screen of 17 cm, Weirdsville does not deserve such punishment.

If in the background the footage, mid-american mid-canada brings nothing crispy with a psychology reduced to its bare minimum, it is in the shape that it gains in credibility. Turning around the drug abuse and its consequences, Weirdsville comes to train with him in this abyss, without, however, succeeding to equal a Requiem For A Dream or Trainspotting. The atmosphere is very well rendered with lighting effects that gives to the photograph a little more, not devoid of charm. If one adds to this atmosphere surrounding a BO-to-measure, that fits perfectly with this framework, filthy and ragged, Allan Moyle shows us, despite a few mistakes of course, he always has this side sparkling which is found at the level of the stage. The players in their side will complete this triptych giving Weirdsville an aftertaste of entertainment admittedly simplistic but a honnêté flawless. We were promised delirium and Weirdsville we provides ! That is all that counts here. A movie to discover that will not disappoint provided that it does not expect the moon and stars. A good understander…

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