[critical] Wolfman

Lawrence Talbot is a tortured aristocrat that the disappearance of her brother strength to return to the family estate. Forced to get closer again to his father, Talbot starts the search for his brother…and discovers a terrible fate.

Children of Lawrence Talbot came to an end at the death of his mother. Having left the sleepy hamlet of Blackmoor, he spent decades trying to forget. But, under the requests of the bride of his brother, Gwen Conliffe, he goes back to Blackmoor to help in finding the man she loves. He learns of a creature, the brutal and blood-thirsty has been busy decimating the local villagers and as Aberline, an inspector suspicious Scotland Yard, is there to conduct the investigation.

Bringing together little by little, the pieces of the puzzle, bloody, Talbot discovers a curse that is ancient, which turns its victims into werewolves on full moon nights. To end the slaughter and protecting the woman he has fallen in love, he must destroy the creature macabre that lurks in the forests surrounding Blackmoor. While he tracks down the beast of hell, this man haunted by the past will discover a part of himself that he would never have suspected.

Author’s Note


Release Date : February 10, 2010

Directed by Joe Johnston

Film american

With Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt

Duration : 1h 39min

Trailer :

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Wolfman is typically the film that you watch with a huge apprehension for a single reason : its director. If the name of Joe Johnston does not say much to many spectators, it is among other the black beast who has completed and botched a franchise worship : Jurassik Park. Because, yes, Joe Johnston is the director of the final installment of this trilogy. Not what to expect Wolfman with impatience. And well mine of nothing, with a work certainly in the half-tint, but with a charm not negligible, this new film from director draws its pin from the play and happens to embark with him in this romantic adventure high color.

From the first seconds, a gothic charm poisonous operates, and may not leave us marble : the sets are impressive, the atmosphere is almost perfect and a certain atmosphere of old school emerged. The director was clearly doing a tribute to the films of a genre of the 70s / 80s and he has done well because the result is most compelling on the screen. The cast is not to be pitied, not more, as Benicio Del Toro (one of the most brilliant figures of his generation) is perhaps a notch below what one could expect of him, but he gives a dimension of romance to her character that makes more and more sense over minutes and Hugo Weaving, the unforgettable Mr Smith of Matrix, it increases a little more the talents of a chameleon here. These two iconic figures is supplemented by a Anthony Hopkins who, unfortunately, has more the air of cachetonner that other and Emily Blunt , which does not add much of substance to the scenario. It would not have been there it would have absolutely changed nothing. A shame, because the film loses in credibility and shows once again that Joe Johnston has always been so difficult to tackle multiple tasks at once.

This disparity is felt more when the end is approaching. The special effects are more than respectable (the transformation of Del Toro we put full eyes each time) and have perfectly succeeded in their commitment to mixing techniques of today and the charm of the productions of yesteryear. The action scenes are all the more enjoyable as each other with a succession of break-ups in you want in here that will delight fans of the genre and which give a side of the psychedelic from time to time. Of trance in a pure state. Now, why didn’t you continued on this delicious line ? Why have you been picky about some of the special effects and be a liability on other items such as this bear in the synthesized image so that a simple dressing would have been more convincing and credible ? This detail might seem unnecessary for some, but there are other more disturbing : the scenario does not surprise for a single second and contains areas of shadows more ominous – Warning slight Spoilers – How is it that the dog ofAnthony Hopkins grumbling over Del Toro when he became a werewolf so that he does not to his master ? – End of Spoiler – The most disturbing in Wolfman it is mainly its duration (1h30min). This last would not be considered a default if the many cuts were not only felt throughout the film. Dialogues integers (including Hugo Weaving and Del Toro) seem to have disappeared. Suddenly, entire scenes are which that which has only for one and only result that let the viewer in on its end.

In the end, the Wolfman is a film in half-tone. Not the stinker that the critics of Joe Johnston were expecting, nor the enjoyable entertainment that fans of the genre were hoping for. A film that has a charm of its devastating that is far too often caught up by errors that could be corrected. Not as bad as Jurassik Park 3, Wolfman is more between Jumanji and Hidalgo, that is to say, a entertainment correct that it will be difficult to don’t forget once the session has adjourned.

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