[critical] World War Z

A day like any other, Gerry Lane and his family find themselves stuck in a traffic jam monster on their daily commute. A former investigator with the United Nations, the Lane immediately understands that the situation is unusual. People violently attack each other and a deadly virus seems to be spreading. Beings the most peaceful become formidable enemies. When hordes of humans contaminated crush the armies of the world and topple governments, one after the other, Lane has no other choice than to resume service to protect his family : he then engages in a pursuit, reckless throughout the world to identify the origin of this threat and find a way of halting its spread…

Author’s Note


Release Date : July 3, 2013

Directed by Marc Foster

Film american

With Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Elyes Gabel

Duration : 1h56min

Original title : World War Z

Trailer :

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Ah ! The zombies. For more than sixty years, they monopolize our screens. In turn whistleblower in Romero, horrific in Danny Boyle or hilarious at Edgar Wright, they seem to have gone through all the boxes of film imaginable. Real darlings of horror fans, they see the past few years their popularity increased exponentially, thanks to the very popular series The Walking Dead. Therefore it was only a matter of time before Hollywood took charge of the phenomenon, and draws a pure blockbuster swelled to the millions of dollars.

So here we are projected around the world, with Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), in a quest for high-color : to save humanity by finding the individual 0, the holder’s original virus responsible for the epidemic zombiesque. Focusing solely on the main character, the film puts the relationship between the protagonists, yet strong point of the majority of works of this kind. The secondary characters are transparent at best, ignored by a camera seemingly focusing exclusively on the beautiful Brad. A typical example, the family of the hero, is just a pretext dramatic quickly erased.

If there are no secondary characters and no relationship between characters that is there, I hear you saying? And much of the action. A lot of action. We knew Marc Foster, a lover of explosions and shaky-cam (when it is even responsible for Quantum Of Solace, the more straight forward of James Bond), and well, it must be noted that his style has not changed. The attack scenes are all, without exception, breathless, as we think of the pile-up inaugural, or that fantastic scene in Jerusalem, or the zombies, fast (in the manner of inféctés of 28 days later), melt into a mass of swarming, a veritable tsunami of members gaunt dropped to a speed astonishing. One can certainly regret the exaggeration of certain sequences, particularly that of the plane, where a half of the device is exploded in grenada, but the pleasure is present, incessantly.

Despite some good ideas, it remains a film without ambition, he only wants to convey to the viewer a good time, and – at least until the last act, it gets the upper-hand.

However, if the first time is as explosive as enjoyable, the last act pale. Dropped in a behind-closed-doors pretending to be scary, the film tries to do what countless others have done better. Hiding, not being noticed, sneaking in the corridors crooked and dark, all on a tablecloth agonizing keyboard, you have said already seen? Gold, is not Romero, who wants to, and the whole thing is a platitude dramatic. The characters all seem to be invulnerable to the threat, as well, the springs tragic are sometimes even unintentionally comic, the image of a Brad Pitt sheepishly, dropping a little, “tell my family that I love” cliché if possible.

Because, yes, World War Z is your Blockbuster american usual. No risks taken, no blood, little graphic violence, epic music, moral family matraquée, nothing of us is spared. And if the spectator amateur pleasure guilty that I’m giving it more than average, it is that he does what he wants to do. Despite some good ideas, it remains a film without ambition, he only wants to convey to the viewer a good time, and – at least until the last act, it gets the upper-hand. Will remain an investment product is unjustifiable and shameful, and a long cut just as awful.

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