[critical] You Will Meet A Handsome And Dark Stranger

It all starts one night when Alfie wakes up, panicked at the idea that it does not remain to him more than a few precious years to live. Yielding to the call of the demon of noon, he puts an abrupt end to forty years of marriage, abandoning his wife Helena. After a suicide attempt and an analysis quickly stopped, it finds solace unexpected from a psychic, Crystal, who predicted a love story with a “great unknown wearing black”…

Author’s Note


Release Date : October 6, 2010

Directed by Woody Allen

Film the american, british

With Naomi Watts, Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin, Freida Pinto, Gemma Jones

Duration : 1h38min

Original title : You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger

Trailer :

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One can only admire the bulimia of work of Woody Allen which, contrary to the trickle of Balzac, thickens with time. The man is just tireless, and accumulates today, in addition to this itch to write and to film, the itch of the travel.

With England, Spain and soon France to his dashboard, the director of the Big Apple is back this time in London, surrounded by the grand cru of actors. Unfortunately, unfortunately, the tone is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, as demonstrated by precisely the character played by Sir Anthony Hopkins. It would appear that the inspiration of the beautiful has led the creator at the time of the great Match Point in 2005 was exhausted, simply.

In this current film in the title extension, Allen is very economical of his means. He seeks to prove that in a world of senseless and unnecessary, the fiction would survive. Then, Anthony Hopkins became an old beau, Josh Brolin, a plagiarist, Naomi Watts a blue flower, Gemma Jones a mystic of the counter, Freida Pinto a bride is incomplete. Why not.

The theme is not futile because it invites debate. The filmmaker sets the stage in a London soft and golden, reminding the dolce vita Spanish Vicky Cristina Barcelona. But in this setting suave, you can find more chatter that way, more exhibitions that situations, more wandering than plot. There is nothing going on. Once the characters are introduced by a voice off very accessory, Woody Allen does leads nowhere. The distribution of major roles do not include.

In fact, why does it give so much importance to the great rod crazy but sculptural that serves as the new wife at Hopkins -and which is still a poor shot – and if little of importance to the character of gallery owner infidel held by the gentleman Antonio Banderas ?

Why has he not dug Freida Pinto, who could not decently not simply have a dazzling smile ?

Why is it that the stories combined with the superb Naomi Watts and her husband on the screen, the chameleon Josh Brolin, aren’t even in the shadow of an ending ?

Where are you going exactly ?

A lot of questions, no response. If, for a response. The marathoner Allen makes in the easy. It’s short, but it does sue not. It does crowd not since 2005. A showcase of great actors and a tested recipe, a registered trademark, a style recognized, but sufficient, incurieux predictable and lacking, alas, the trunk this time. When you are at the top, it is better to try His Majesty Minor and slide a bit. It is more refreshing for everyone.

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