If from the start you know ill be the only person that you love, the one without which you cannot live, should you at his side ? Would you take the risk to embark on the same boat as she ? These are the questions that YVES SAINT LAURENT de Jalil Lespert pose. Beyond the genre of the biopic that is attributed to easily in the film, the latter is first and foremost a drama sentimental around two men : Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. Two men who were quickly loved, who are lost at certain times and which are searched regularly. All on the bottom of parades of haute couture, glamour, sex, cocaine, and anxiety.

Paris, 1957. Becoming already to the sides of Christian Dior, it is natural that Yves Saint Laurent became the artistic director of the house of Dior when his mentor dies. During its first fashion show, Yves, 21 years old, met Pierre Bergé, a terrible business man. Although already in a relationship, Pierre does not stand up to the singular charm of Yves, 6 years her junior. First lovers, they also become business partners when, 3 years later, Yves was replaced as head of Dior because of her mental problems, and he decided to found his own house in order to be free to create what he wants. Therefore, the collections are linked together in the same way as the betrayals, the failures and the blows of the master. Until 1976, the couple evolves, transforms and learns to his cost that life is not a long quiet river.

If he had to choose only one aspect ofYVES SAINT LAURENT, this undoubtedly would be his narration. Accompanied by jumps in 2008, at the time of the sale of the collection Yves Saint Laurent – Pierre Bergé, it proves to be fluid and exciting. The love story of Yves and Pierre is incredibly well developed considering the length of the film (1h40), if at the end, one does would like not to have to say goodbye. Touching and moving, the story of the two men forces the viewer to admiration and reflection. On who he is, what he wants and especially what he would be willing to do and endure for the person he loves. As well as all these small details that define a relationship and make it unique. YVES SAINT LAURENT brings to the stage a love story is atypical, but to the universal scope. Because yes, there will never be two Yves Saint Laurent, or two Pierre Bergé. But individually, we can all recognize ourselves in their all-consuming passion. The kind that makes us say anything at the slightest quarrel, that makes us suffer when we think about the possibility of losing the other but which, paradoxically, reassures us because we know being able to compete in both.

A biopic means, but a magnificent drama.

Thus, during the second part of the film, this is ultimately what is being shown to us and that we admire the most. Pierre Bergé making love to the muse of Yves, Victoire (Charlotte Le Bon, THE WALK), in order to sully its perfection and ensure that it is no longer a barrier between them. Yves refuge in alcohol and drugs to forget that it does not control anything that surrounds it, and even less of his talent. Stone supporting the irrational behavior and the infidelity of the one he loves. The film by Jalil Lespert looks back on the slow but sure descent into the underworld of a mythical couple, on the genius of the one who has given so much to women and about the decadence and the insouciance peculiar to the 60’s and 70’s. Fresco fashion and drama sentimental at the time, YVES SAINT LAURENT does not respond to the question “Who really was Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent ?” but we explained in depth the uniqueness of the report Saint Laurent – Bergé. With as climax the year 1976, marked by the most beautiful collection of Saint Laurent, one of the ” Ballets russes “, which allowed him to complete his period of internment at the american Hospital in Neuilly, where he was treated for depression.

Camping Saint Laurent and Bergé, Jalil Lespert, has chosen two men of talent more than certain in the person of Pierre Niney (20 YEARS DIFFERENCE) and Guillaume Gallienne (LES GARÇONS ET GUILLAUME, A TABLE !). The first touches, astonishes or amazes thanks to a service of high flight, a mimicry striking and phrasing perfect. While the second gives thanks to her charisma and her maturity, a little bit of depth to a movie sometimes too subtle. Their synergy is successful on a realism disarming. The two residents of the Comédie-Française are the perfect small bourgeois high rollers and arrogant, also calculators that love one another. Among the supporting roles are notable, we smiled seeing Nikolai Kinski to play the Karl Lagerfeld of junk to it dating unfortunate, and Marie de Villepin who stuns more than it makes her character of Betty Catroux desirable.

With YVES SAINT LAURENT, Jalil Lespert creates a film to be heterogeneous in content, with different ambiences and proves that he is a great director in the making. Evidenced by including all of the scenes depicting sexuality unbridled characters. Cutting when it’s needed, and through suggestion and evocation, it gives to see a film refined. Where others might have had a tendency to deliver something vulgar, far from the myth ” YSL “. Focusing on the sets and the costumes, we cannot fail to notice the incomparable taste of Saint Laurent. Especially because the apartment is filmed is the one in which he lived alongside Pierre Bergé, avenue Marceau. Because the wrapped bearings are the ones that he had created and which have been loaned by the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint-Laurent, in the same way as the drawings and sketches. Or because it is in the real jardin Majorelle of Marrakech, the scenes of the holiday were shot. The all showing evidence of a realism unmatched and whose Jalil Lespert, himself could only dream of. Finally, the music of trumpet player and composer Ibrahim Maalouf brings vibrancy and warmth to a work a tad cold.

Free Adaptation of the biography of the same name by Laurence Benaïm, YVES SAINT LAURENT is a biopic means, but a magnificent drama. Properly written, properly mounted and with the support of Pierre Bergé himself, the film should not leave anyone indifferent, the acting of its two main performers worth really the detour. To the point that we would like that this love story to ever end.

Paris, 1957. At just 21 years, Yves Saint Laurent is called upon to take in hand the direction of the prestigious haute couture house founded by Christian Dior, recently deceased. During his first parade in triumph, he met Pierre Bergé, meeting that will change his life. Lovers and business partners, the two men combine three years later to create the company Yves Saint Laurent. Despite his obsessions and his inner demons, Yves Saint Laurent gets ready to revolutionise the world of fashion with his modern and iconoclastic.

Original title : Yves Saint Laurent

Achievement : Jalil Lespert

Scenario : Marie-Pierre Huster, Jacques Fieschi, Jalil Lespert

Main actors : Pierre Niney, Guillaume Gallienne, Charlotte Le Bon, Nikolai Kinski, Marie de Villepin, Laura Smet

Country of origin : France

Output : 8 January 2014

Duration : 1 hour 40 minutes

Distributor : SND

Trailer :

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