The romantic comedies of the French, it is not too much it. Already as the romantic comedy american… I’m talking about comedies formatted huh ! The kind that shovels out. Where one does not change the casting. Not the dialogues or the screenplay. Then seeing the casting of DENIS, I said to myself ” Hey, this can be not bad considering the cast “. Result ? Euhhhhh…

In the landscape, stereotypical of the romantic comedies, the strength of a film may be taking a different approach to final or to bet on a cast that makes you forget about the strings. Jean-Paul Rouve and Fabrice Eboue, it is all the same enticing. The synopsis itself is rather nice. The mayonnaise may have said at the time. The ingredients are present, missing more than putting on a good hand.

A good idea, the producer delivers to us a result of more or less forced to which is its two main actors. The quality of actor that have Fabrice Eboué and Jean Paul Rouve is undeniable. Their comic talents even more. We then have a right to some moments just irresistible : scene of wrestling, lunch with the birds… The film stands out thanks to some sequences of humorous that it is rare to find in some French films.

It acknowledges the desire and the purpose of each scene, but to smile, it is then necessary to use force.

Apart from that, the film barely unfortunately. The achievement does not serve the purpose. A lack of energy obvious then prevents the comic scenes. Everything moves, everything falls flat. It acknowledges the desire and the purpose of each scene, but to smile, it is then necessary to use force. One has the impression of attending the simple reading of the scenario. We see the potential, but once tinkered, the result was more convincing on paper.

The actors did déméritent then not and trying their best to scramble. However, in the end, they are found to surjouer as in a telefilm exaggerating then each reaction because of a lack of pace latent.

The conclusion is therefore rather overwhelming and pull you to the bottom, but it should still recognize a quality to the film, it is his end. No, no, no, this is not to be understood in the sense of ” after it ends “. I’m not a lowly villain at this point. I simply underlines the fact that, for a time, the end is original. Without being exceptional, she stands out in the genre. It is sad, as if the film had been of rather good quality, we would have been entitled in addition to a little twist friendly, which would have further increased the capital agreeable of the work.

Bwarf, we may not always have the Trifecta in order, it is like that.



Twice, Vincent was believed to meet the woman of his life.

Twice, they have left for the same man… Denis.

Now that Vincent file the perfect love with Anna, his only fear is that history repeats itself. Then he will try to understand : But what can they find in this type big mouth, amateur shirts online, which teaches wrestling as a philosophy ?

Original title : Denis

Achievement : Lionel Bailliu

Screenplay : Lionel Bailliu

Key players : Fabrice Eboué, Jean-Paul Rouve, Audrey Dana

Country of origin : France

Output : 1 May 2013

Duration : 1h25mn

Distributor : SND

Trailer :

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Publisher : M6 Video

Distributor : Seven7

Number of disc(s) : 1

Format : DVD-9

Case : Keep Case

Bitrate : –

Authoring : –

Video Format :1.85 -16/9 Anamorphic (compatible 4/3)

Zone : 2

Standard : PAL

Image : Color

Audio : Dolby Digital – French 5.1 – French 5.2

Subtitles : None

Deaf and hearing impaired : French


– No extra charge



The DVD itself is of good quality. The image is held, although it is not the time odious. But it is more of a problem of photo quality technique.

The sound is very good. From whispers to screams, not of differences of level. The music and sound effects are also well integrated.

The total lack of bonus makes it completely dispensable to the purchase of the DVD. Wait until it’s on tv.

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