The German filmmaker of GOLD, Thomas Arslan, chooses to highlight an episode of our history that has been little addressed in the film until then : the Gold Rush of the Klondike in the Yukon territory of canada. While the Nineteenth-century issues its last sighs, gold nuggets are discovered in the river Klondike coming out of their lethargy and out of their miserable routine of considerable masses of population in search of a better life. In these hostile regions, the path up to the ore, newly discovered is not without pitfalls and it is this journey by inland routes, which is here mentioned. To illustrate this journey, Thomas Arslan met “in the saddle” 7 players off hand in hand embodying these German immigrants who, beyond this attraction to the gold, hidden motivations personal.

Historical narrative, ride epic, the originality of the theme by showcasing a female figure, GOLD has many interests. Through this fiction, it is a history lesson that is delivered. The viewer is embedded in this expedition, and follows them in their daily lives these “prospectors”, as they were then called. Thomas Arslan explores all aspects of these long trips : the isolation related to large open spaces, the difficulty of finding in these areas have been little explored up to Dawson city, the arrival city is prized, the human losses, the exhaustion of the mounts that give rise to scenes that are quite violent, without doubt, for the sake of realism towards the extreme conditions then experienced. However, by putting at the centre of this adventure a female figure (the group includes two women and seven men), the director uses a material that presents only a tiny part of the reality of the time, since a very low percentage of women plodded on these roads in the same way as men. In the course of this ride at once cruel and sublime, the group is starting melts like snow in the sun, leading to the renaissance of its central figure, a Nina Hoss determined.

In this western modern that draws the viewer in areas, immense at the mesmerising sound of an electric guitar, Thomas Arslan manages to make feel the intensity of the emotions selected over the steps taken by the characters, capturing the eyes and signs of fatigue in his players the benefit of his characters. The frames highlight the smallness of man before the majesty of the surrounding, but it also showed the need of sharing and isolation, the small betrayals and acts of bravery of a life temporarily common.

In the course of this ride at once cruel and sublime, the group is starting melts like snow in the sun, leading to the renaissance of its central figure, a Nina Hoss determined.

This title, “GOLD” might as well mention at once that nugget of gold coveted, but also this slip of a woman with golden hair that nothing catches the image of many others who dared so to defy the conventions of the time to assert himself as a full human being, master of his choices and his destiny and no longer confined in a life hampered by this status of woman. Beyond the Rush of worm Gold, it is this renaissance that it is also an issue, a renaissance that blossoms like the rising sun of a new day, a golden sun.



Canada, summer 1898. In full Gold Rush in the Klondike, Emily Meyer joins a group of immigrants germans to begin a ride perilous in search of the precious ore. Animated by the hope of a better life, Emily and her crew, sink to the heart of the great canadian spaces.

Original title : GOLD

Achievement : Thomas Arslan

Screenplay : Thomas Arslan

Main actors : Nina Hoss, Marko Mandic, Peter Kurth, Uwe Bohm, Rosa Enskat, Lars Rudolph, Wolfgang Packhäuser

Country of origin : Germany, Canada

Output : 3 December 2013 (DVD)

Duration : 1 hour 40 minutes

Distributor : Happiness Distribution

Trailer :

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Publisher : Blaq Out

Distributor : Arcadès

Number of disc(s) : 1

Format : DVD-9

Case : Digipack

Bitrate : –

Authoring : –

Video Format : 2.35

Zone : 2

Standard : PAL

Image : Color

Audio : Dolby Digital German 5.1, German 2.0

Sub-titles : French

Deaf and hearing impaired : French


– Interview with Nina Hoss

– Making-of



We appreciate the very good soundtrack and the image quality of this dvd where the progress of the group in the landscapes of canadian and is punctuated by the chords haunting an electric guitar. There is a dramatic tension and a mystery surrounding linked to the discovery of unexplored places. The bonus of this dvd is a little disappointing for the part of the interview too short Nina Hoss, the main actress of the film. In the Face of a role as a result, we would have liked more development. Fortunately, the whole is caught up by the making-of very well mounted where you can find each of the actors speaking about her experience shooting often described as unique. It comes out more informed on the way to film director.

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