Aurrently available on DVD, SHE GOES to Emmanuelle Bercot tells the emancipation of woman, Bettie (Catherine Deneuve), the sixty, the manager of a restaurant in Britain that it has never left the face of the stress of daily life, leaves everything on a whim : his mother, with whom she lives, her lover, who comes from the leave, and his business in bankruptcy… Slamming the door behind her, she proclaims : “I’ll be back”, and then never comes back. In search of cigarettes, it will first look up its path and discover new trails, new faces, like a breath of fresh air… Requested by his daughter en route to bring back his grandson from his grandfather, this mission that it would have in normal times refused to give him the opportunity to continue this trip, “good child” in the manner of a fugue as a teenager badly in need of an adventure. Using the national aboard of her Mercedes, she is going to meet France and all the stereotypes are here, served in abundance. One feels that the director wants to both do the story on the ground (the plans are frozen to a village in Britain should be of interest to the photographer raymond Depardon) – while serving as a road-movie that loses itself in too many directions at once (his reunion with his grandson and his daughter, gala, ex-miss, family reunion, not to mention a lot of twists and turns, ending with the love at the end of the path…). The ideas are there, but the whole remains too scattered, a bit too predictable and agreed.

There SHE GOES is a film that wants to be a “trend” and a little too “family” (the filmmaker is playing his own son), where the ties that bind the characters are somewhat believable. Only the rocky relationship between Bettie and her mother (Claude Gensac) offers beautiful moments of mother and daughter and shows the gap of generations before the helplessness of this woman who chokes. The grandson (Nemo Schiffman), if it in fact sometimes too much, is doing not bad, and about Camille (singer) who keeps so ill the role of the daughter of Bettie, it is a real disappointment. We found a little salvation in the meetings of the passage where the film takes a few moments, both funny and tender : a driving endless cigarette with a peasant (a pseudo-remake of “Profiles farmers” Raymond Depardon), a cooked and an adventure in a contest of darts in a club to the side of the road, confidences with a night guard… Catherine Deneuve is a hit with his airs of a girl touching, of those who do not dare to but who goes there anyway… always excellent in this role of a woman a little narrow which escapes.

“Catherine Deneuve is fly with its air of kid touching.”

There SHE GOES none the less a film of light. Here there is something very bright, a little picture of the opening scene where the camera is laying on the blonde hair of Bettie walking back. This sort of gentle caress of the camera gets all the film even if it tends to be lost at the end by too much setbacks family. The soundtrack choice is also a lot in the next air and solar film. It oscillates between melancholy and inspiration. Catherine Deneuve, for whom the role of Bettie has been written about measurement, managed yet to pass a real spontaneity in its meetings. His talks with the peasants, his bursts of laughter with a merry band of girls, look natural and this road movie that touches some of the story immersion not without reminding us of the excellent lebanese film I WANT to SEE (2008) by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, where she went on the road, accompanied by Rabih Mroué, admittedly in a different context, but always with the idea of going to the encounter of the other and the same time to reveal a little. I keep in mind this image of her in the space apartment a car and asking if his smoking doesn’t interfere. The two films echo each other on this point, revealing probably more of a characteristic of the woman than of the actress.

The rub on the duration of the film, which is quickly lost in the melodrama sentimental. 1h48 is too much. The meeting of miss that Bettie is invited as a former Miss Brittany 1969 is of little interest if we consider the set of the film and the director wants to test too many things on this that negates the hoped-for result. Other scenes in the family relationships or love have a taste of déjà vu. But the young producer confirms his fascination to create a link between two individuals of different ages (The Chip in 1999, Clement in 2001, Backstage in 2005 and then Polisse (co-writer) in 2011) with here, in the heart of IT GOES ON, the relationship between Bettie and her grandson. The links are both weakened and close, often uncomfortable and tense, and it is always the demonstration of a lifelong progressive of the two beings.

SHE’LL Be out with the natural look of Catherine Deneuve, but the rave reviews that have been made to this film upon its release in the dining room should be reviewed with flats.


The DVD has a soundtrack and high-quality images. The supplement on the “cut scenes” commented out or not by the filmmaker can realize the original scenario and the choices that she had to do often against the heart to reduce the duration of the film. These cut scenes are long, and make real movies in the film (gala ex-miss or even opening scene with the lover of Bettie), with characters being sacrificed by the constraints of time.

Original title : there She goes

Realisation : Emmanuelle Bercot

Screenplay : Emmanuelle Bercot, Jerome Tonnerre

Main actors : Catherine Deneuve, Nemo Schiffman, Gérard Garouste, Camille Dalmais, Claude Gensac, Paul Hamy, Mylène Demongeot, Hafsia Herzi, Evelyne Leclercq, Valérie Lagrange…

Country of origin : France

Output : January 29, 2014 (DVD)

Duration : 108 mins

Distributor : Wild Bunch Distribution

Synopsis : Bettie, the sixties, is suddenly abandoned by her lover and in financial peril with the family restaurant. What to do with his life ? She takes her car, believing to go round the block. This will be a breakaway. Over the road : chance meetings, a gala ex-miss France, the link returned with her daughter, the discovery of his grandson, and maybe love at the end of the trip… A horizon is opening up to it.

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