[critique] Very Bad Trip

In the wake of a stag party well watered, the three friends of the groom will realize that disappeared 40 hours before the wedding ceremony. They will need to get rid of their hangover and collect their scraps of memories to understand what happened.

Author’s Note


Release Date : June 24, 2009

Directed by Todd Phillips

Film american

With Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis

Duration: 1h 30min


At the border between Very Bad Things, Eh Dude She Is Where My Cash? and Jackpot, Very Bad Trip is a comedy as explosive as amazing.

With his screenplay without much creativity (three buddies go to Vegas, the city of sin, to bury the life of a boy of their best friends) Very Bad Trip succeeds where a lot of comedies have miserably collapsed in recent years.

From the first seconds of opening, it is in the bathroom with the sentence, ” We screwed up! “.

One knows what to expect, but what we know is where the director, Todd Phillips will dare to take us.

Because fort is of note that in recent years, good numbers of comedies about interesting did not dare to go to the end of their conviction, and are therefore fallen into the mediocre, B-series warmed up to barely passable.

However, with Very Bad Trip, fasten your seatbelts because the film keeps all its promises and goes to the end (even far more) of his convictions in the image of this album remember the end credits where we see the member of one of the protagonists of the film undergo a blowjob performed by a grand-mother (don’t you flinch not, there is nothing shocking here).

Very Bad Trip is a recreation royal, a great entertainment that will delight both aficionados of the genre and newcomers.

This stuffing colorful which everybody can identify himself (which has never decided to go on trip with his best friends for the worse as for the better ?) works wonderfully, carried away by the infectious energy of the trio of actors comprised of Bradley Cooper (Nip/Tuck, Yes Man, What Men Think), Ed Helms (night At The Museum, Call Me Dave, Evan almighty) and the great Zach Galifianakis (the Abyss, Into The Wild, Jakpot).

These three actors who gradually become heads of posters recurrent in the genre, we have all the reasons to rejoice with scenes them into jubilant, a firework of humor and dialogues, often succulent.

This was in addition to appearances pleasing to the image of Mike Tyson, who proves to us that despite the fact that it is not lost his left hook, can also be funny and a parody of itself.

Also of note is a scene correct, and a gear scripted effective, which testify to the meticulous care given to a genre is generally limited to a succession of mild gags.

Without being a filmmaker, major, Todd Phillips, who has already shown with Road Trip, Starsky and Hutch and Back To School, flourishes in the genre film and succeeds a very good comedy.

Very Bad Trip is a recreation royal, a great entertainment that will delight both aficionados of the genre and newcomers.

It is rare enough to be underlined.

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