Cutting Technique Part2

Le Découpage Technique Partie2

Learn how to Make

A cutting Technique


As promised here is the second part of the article on the cutting Technique. This week we will be back in the thick of the subject by taking as an example a sequence of one of my scenarios.

The cutting technique, it presents how ?

Go back into the heart of the matter. Actually you can submit your cutting technique of two ways, either :

– in the form of a table

– in the form of text

In the form of text , it is the example that you find in the article : “make a short film Part2 “.

But here’s a concrete example : take a sequence of a scenario :

Sequence 3 : Ext – Street/ Maurice – evening

Maurice came out of his house, a small package in hand. JULIETTE, his wife is just behind him. She kisses him. George is supported on the 2cv.

Georges approaches Juliet and him kiss each other.


Hello Georges


Hi my beautiful


You know, there are only you who can call me like that ! Maurice told me that there seems that at the factory that night there was work, and that the more you type an intern ?


Uh…Yeah, not gonna lie idle

Maurice (embarrassed)

Well, ben…we will go


Once you get rid of the world, the next day take interns, and tomorrow it will be what ? I swear to you, it is because we need this to work otherwise I would go to see me ! There could at least you switch to the day shift.


There longer know what to invent to make us goats…


Y want to push you to leave, especially as an intern it is less expensive, this is the truth


Well, we should go there. I’ll join you under the covers, I love you kitten


Me too

 The two friends greet Juliet and ride by car. Juliet slams the door.


Here is an example of what might be the cutting of this sequence :

Sequence 3 : Ext – Street/ Maurice – Jour

Plan 1* : Trav Av Lat Left-to-right way. “Maurice came out of his house, a package in hand, he embraces his wife ; Juliet” the end of the work on Leader Georges supported on the 2cv.

  • Master (from the beginning to the end of the sequence)

Plan 2 : Fields on Juliette in the plan size of the ” hello my beautiful George : we will not lie idle)

Plan 3 : Against Fields on Georges (same Value)

Plan 4 : plan the-shoulder american on the three characters. “Well well well…we are going to go, “Juliet” me too “. Then pano Right-to-Left when Georges and Maurice ride by car.

Plan 5 plan 1 : Juliet slams the door pano right-to-left on the two friends headed for the car.

As you can see it is quite accurate. It is also necessary to know the technical vocabulary to write a trim. You will notice that there is no indication of focal length ! Because I allows me the choice to choose it on the board thanks to a researcher from fields, or a time that the camera will be in place.

I’m going as fast as possible to put online a glossary with the technical vocabulary , so that you can start to cut your scenario ;o)

When you install the camera, it will ask you which focal length you want to take. If you do not know, ask your camera operator or chief operator. Try one…you’ll see in the future if you need to change it or not ;o)

If you want to make a table, that is what it will look like :

Seq N°plan image His
3 1 Dolly side-Left-Right way.Master of the sequence Atmosphere rueClaquement of porteClaquement door
3 2 Fields, Juliet the waist of Georges “hello my beautiful” George : “not gonna lie idle “ Atmosphere street
3 3 Against champs Georges (the same value as P2 and same duration) Atmosphere street
3 4 Plan Shoulder of the three characters in american plan of Mauritius “hey, ben… “Juliette” me too ” and then pano right-to-left when Maurice and Georges head to the car.
3 5, following P1 Juliet slams the door. Then pano right-to-left on the two friends who ride by car. Atmosphere rueClaquement of porteClaquement door

It is really up to you to decide how you want to work with. As you can notice, I’ve put a few sounds, but you will find them especially in the counting of votes.

Once you have done this, I advise you not to overlook another important step : the ground plan.

This way, you will be able to see if you have not made any errors and if you need to adjust or not your cutting.

I always try to be as clear as possible in my explanations but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave me a little message.

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Tom Weil

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