Damien shares his day on the set of Nicolas Chick

Damien partage sa journée sur le tournage de Nicolas Chick

A day on a shoot

Hello to all, friends, movie buffs,

I introduced myself, I’m Damien, I’m 25 years old and I live in the south of France to Perpignan. This is 5 years now that I am interested in the middle of the cinema and, more specifically, to the business of the stage. I have had the chance to ride my association there for 4 years and now counts a dozen of enthusiasts. We are currently in the midst of writing our next short film ” Inside/Day “.

I come to you today, friends, bloggers and fans of the site ” how to make a movie “, for you to share my newbie experience in this great medium that is film, and to tell you more about the beautiful day that I spent in the company of Tom on Monday, 11 December.

I would first like to thank Tom Weil to have me provided advice during the day and for giving me the opportunity to write this article which could very well be yours, dear friends.

It all starts the day before, on Sunday, 10. While I’m on the train to Paris, the director of production – Ilomba Images, Chloé Delmas, to me, a phonecall to give me, in broad lines, the organisation of the day of shooting the next day. She sends me also the sheet of service of this day. The 5-hour journey leave me the time to study this sheet and understand the implementation of the 1era assistant. I feel more and more involved in the project…

The next day, the alarm clock rings, the direction the HMC where the team has also installed its own management. By chance two minutes walk will be enough to achieve their benchmark. I arrived on the scene, the whole team is already present. I fall timidly in the lodge until I recognize Nicolas Chik is the producer. I present myself quickly to him and he does not lack to thank me for my participation in the film. I then encounter Chloe, who I’ve been able to communicate these past two weeks. She introduces me quickly to each member of the team. All have a kind word in my regard, this is what put me at ease immediately.

In short, no time to chat anyway, we are heading towards the first set. A street in the 18th. I pay a lot of attention to the establishment of the team. The dir provides guidance for shooting his chief operator David. The 1era assistant checks in with the script that the sequence number and the plan are good. It then registers all the necessary information on the clap. The prop maker , Charlotte place of the detritus on the road which will be used for the following plans. And a few meters later, the make-up artist makes final touch-ups on the face of the main actor, Matthew Genet.

And it is at this precise moment that I was able to see an obvious difference with the a few shooting enthusiasts that I have been able to participate and this one. Apart from a few people essential for the proper functioning of the sequence as the chief operator, the sound engineer, the script or the real… the other members of the team are anticipating the filming as possible. Of course, the unexpected that always happens, but they are minimized to the maximum. The commissioners will contact the next scenery to see if everything is ready for the canteen. The production manager and the producer discuss the set-up for the day tomorrow… Permissions, figurations, decorations still available… checking and adjustment of even the smallest details.

A rigour that one does not or little used to see on the filming of amateurs then it is so simple to deal with it. This is an important thing I’ve learned, even if you are amateur like me, nothing prevents you to be professional with your audience. That this be with an individual to use his living room as decor or with the town hall of a small village who are asked to provide labour to block a road.

After the first planes of the day, the direction of the second decor that is also our canteen. And it is at this point that I have been able to meet this dear Tom. We quickly got acquainted and chatted about my current projects. I had, unfortunately, not the scenario at present. Oddly I feel more at ease in her presence as if this meeting should be done naturally.

During the meal I take the opportunity also to discuss with David, the chief operator, who told me of his journey from its beginnings. He started just like you and me. He wanted to be a director. It was followed a few months of training before becoming interested more and more in the trades of the image. Then head to Paris for the first meetings, the first contacts but also the purchase of his first gear… The years go by and the experience with. His motivation is unfazed. This is how to overcome the first obstacles : the motivation and guts. As I was advised Tom to” go to base “.

The establishment of the decor next to the track. Time plays against us unfortunately, an icy wind the tip of its nose. The producer Nicolas Humbert and the real Nicolas Chik come to discuss the postponement of the sequence. That certainely ! Nicolas Chik is in great shape. ” This is Rock’n’roll ! “ he told me.

The atmosphere appeals to me more and more. It has the force of discuss to the right and to the left and learn more about the team, I feel like a fish in the water.

While discussing this with Tom, the producer Nicolas Humbert just ask us kindly to do a bit of figuration. Be part of the film by playing a scene with Tom Weil… What more to ask ?

Then we sit on the terrace of the brasserie. The actors play to the next table. It’s so cold that I cannot feel my toes. But not the time to think about it, the engine is requested. We improvised, so a few small aftershocks with Tom. You play it 5 or 6 times and it comes back warm.

It sits alongside Cebos Nalcakan, the photographer of the film. He took the opportunity to show us his latest shoot took in some amazing places, but very poor. One quickly understands that this man has a big heart but a heart that is well hung. I have rarely seen photos as well. I’m not an expert, but some of his photos you bring tears to the eye. It makes you learn worlds out of nowhere. This man is a true artist and I consider myself lucky to have met him.

The night begins to fall. We are heading towards the last set of the day. 2 plans remain to turn. 2 plans that will require almost 3 hours of work. The urge is still at its peak but the fatigue of the end of the day is felt. A final single, a tune for the day of tomorrow and that is that the team can release the pressure. The time that the team put away the gear, Tom and myself we send you a small feeling of the day in video. Everything is stored ? The info are distributed for the day of tomorrow ? Then towards a small bar in the 18th century, the history of unpack !

This kind of moment, after a hard day, is very important. We feel the united team and the good atmosphere is there. I take this opportunity to discuss with the head deco and her assistant who tell me their journey, as well as the script supervisor, Alex, with whom I struck up a friendship. I find myself in his path or at least in its beginnings. In remembering the day I realize that everyone’s story is different today, but that their beginnings are similar, similar to mine especially. It is this which motivates me even more and makes me want to continue on this path.

I retired from this day, good memories and lessons learned that will help me to build myself professionally by following. I learned that despite the desire and excitement to create a project, it is necessary to know how to take his time and do not hesitate to learn in each body of the cinema.

Nicolas Chik made his first film today because he has spent a de many years on film sets as a general contractor. He has a good experience of what happens during the filming of a movie. And most importantly, he has a scenario in concrete. I think Tom has often repeated but it is true that the basis of a movie, your movie ! This is the scenario. So don’t hesitate to read the articles on the site about it, they are more than important. If your scenario has no structure, no chance it will be accepted by a producer, think about it !

Finally, this day has brought me something essential. It gave me the confidence idea of what I’d like to do in the near future : the cinema. It is more than a job it is a passion.

I am delighted to have been able to share this adventure with you friends. If you are passionate like me, do not hesitate to participate in projects. There is shooting in the 4 corners of France, all the days. This is an opportunity that we have in this country, have easy access to this medium.

If you have any questions, it is with joy that I will reply to it.


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